I almost dozed off reading this

If the sleep aid for geeks involves a dose of Ambien, then maybe they’ll be dozing off sooner rather than later. Perhaps that’s what the writer for Yahoo! Movies took just before writing this:

dosing movies

Oooh, nice figure you got there, Kate

What kind of compliment would a “high waist and color blocking” pay to Kate Winslet’s figure? That’s the question we all want answered after reading this on Yahoo! Movies:

compliment celeb

When you say something nice, you compliment a person. When two things go well together, they complement each other.

That’s quite a fete!

Yes indeedie! Spending a week in the desert in the summer with 70,000 others is a festival. At least according to the writer for Yahoo! Travel:

fete travel

It’s also quite a feat. Which is probably what the writer meant, but I’m not sure. Is it possible she thinks fete is pronounced FEET? That would simply compound the error, because it’s pronounced like FATE or FET.

Just in time for Oktoberfest: Teutonic plates!

What does one use to serve bratwurst, sauerbraten, and wiener schnitzel? Teutonic plates! I think someone needs to explain to the writer for Yahoo! Style that Teutonic means Germanic and that the shifting plates of the Earth’s crust are tectonic:

teutonic plates style

If only there were a way…

If only there were a way the writers for Yahoo! Music could verify the title of an album — like a picture of the cover. That way, they might actually get the title correct —  without any extra words:

in keeping 1

I guess there’s just no way to check the title. And that all the folks at Yahoo! really think the album title includes the word the:

in keeping 2

More off-shored writing?

When I write that Yahoo! must be out-sourcing the writing of its content to third-world countries, I think I’m being sarcastic. After seeing this on yahoo.com, I think I may be accurate:

fp south lc

It seems more likely that a writer in Bamako, and not one in the United States, would not know that South is capitalized when referring to the southeast region of the U.S.

If the writers really work in the U.S., then you’d think they’d know how to capitalize Bay Area, especially since it is home to Yahoo! headquarters:

fp bay area lc

Do you swear on the Bible?

Would you swear on the Bible that this is the correct capitalization on the Yahoo! front page?

fp bible lc

According to the Associated Press, which publishes the journalists bible, Bible is capitalized when it refers to the Old Testament or the New Testament, but lowercase when it’s a nonreligious term.

You write the top, I’ll write the bottom

In this episode of “You Write the Top, I’ll Write the Bottom” from the Yahoo! front page, it’s apparent that the writer of the top module didn’t really think the U.S. is officially at war, but the writer of the bottom module thought it was:

fp at war

Not a good place for that

Headlines in mile-high letters are not good places for grammatical errors.

thats sports

I bet the writer for Yahoo! Sports would really be embarrassed to learn that his that’s should be that are.

Not on the right track

If you need another reason not to trust what you read on Yahoo! Health, consider this:

gi track health

The writer gets a passing grade for correctly spelling gastrointestinal, but a big fat F for track. When you’re writing about anatomy, the word is tract. If you’re writing about a railroad, use track.


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