Whether you’re a writing pro…

… or you’re an amateur blogger, you don’t want to look like this grammatically impaired writer for Yahoo! DIY:

your a diy pro

Learn to read first, then write

There seems to be a basic tenet of writing that’s missing at the Yahoo! front page: Learn to read, and then learn to write about what you’ve read. So, here’s the result when a writer can’t read and summarize an article that’s been written at an eighth grade level:

fp 321

So, Mr. Abbamonte has been to all the nations in the U.N. and is planning on visiting 321 more? Considering there’s only 324 countries and regions in the world, that’s quite a feat.

Here’s what the article says:

fp 321 2

Behind the curve, no-holds-barred writing

Oh, lordie. Where does the management at Yahoo! Style find these writers? Do they bother to verify if writers can speak and write in English? Do they check to see if they’re familiar with common idioms? Do they bother to edit their writing? No and no and no. That would be my guess after reading this:

curve ball

The expressions are “behind the curve” and “no holds barred.” This writer is way behind the curve when it comes to writing.

One shopper, many bodies?

Can one person have more than one body? And can a department store survive with only one shopper? These are the questions that have plagued me since reading this on Yahoo! Style:

shoppers style

‘Tis true: ‘Tis not ’tis

If you know that ’tis is a contraction of it is, then you understand the need for the apostrophe. If you have no idea what ’tis means, you’ll omit the apostrophe, like the writer for Yahoo! Style did:

tis women style

If you’re a grown woman, you should appreciate the utility of the apostrophe. You should also appreciate the difference between woman and women.

Still holding your breath?

Take a deep breath. Breathe in. Breathe out. Stay calm, this misspelling on Yahoo! DIY may pass:

breath diy

Acute mistake

It’s so cute when the writers for Yahoo! try to pound out words or names that include accent marks. It’s cute, and usually wrong. Today, it’s Renée Zellweger’s name that has a misplaced acute accent on Yahoo! Celebrity:

renee celeb

Do you need a second costume?

So, you already have your Halloween costume. You’re going to your BFF’s party as a slutty slut. But the boss just announced that everyone must come to work in costume on October 31. Your slutty slut is kinda NSFW. You need a second costume! Don’t panic. The creative minds at Yahoo! DIY have ten second costumes; one is sure to be just right:

10 second costumes diy

But wait! There’s more! Each of these costumes can be made in less than a minute. In fact, you might call them “10-Second Costumes.”

What a difference a hyphen makes.

How to make your writing stand out

Your writing will stand out if you can discern the difference between a noun (like standout) and a phrasal verb (like stand out). It would be a true standout on Yahoo! Style, where conventional rules of writing do not apply:

standout style

Supporting Taylor Swift’s midriff

Does it take the magic of smoke and mirrors during Taylor Swift’s performances to hold up her midriff? Just wondering what the writer for Yahoo! Style was watching when the rest of the world was watching Ms. Swift’s midriff-baring costumes:

midriff-bearing style


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