One typo too many

Look! It’s Danica Patrick bulkly! She’s the perfect combination of Braun (like the electric shaver) and beauty! That’s what it says on Yahoo! Sports, though from the picture I’d say she looks bulky and brawny:

bulkly sports

Look what the writers did on the same page! They’s handed us a hilarious verb usage:

theys handed sports hp

What is with the ®? I’ve never, ever, never seen a supposed news site use a registered trademark symbol, is if it’s their job to protect a trademark:

reg trademark sports hp

This is a simple, silly little typo, but when combined with other errors on the same page, the overall effect is not good:

in snow sports hp

I’d say that’s at least one mistake too many.

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2 Responses to “One typo too many”

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