Not ready for the big leagues

I don’t think that the writer for Yahoo! News’ “Odd News” is quite ready for the big leagues of journalism, especially not in sports journalism. Anyone familiar with professional baseball knows about Major League Baseball. It’s a trademark owned by Major League Baseball Properties, Inc.

mlb news

Do you work for the same company?

Something’s amiss with KISS.  And it’s featured on

fp kiss lc

Somebody decided to spell KISS with some lowercase letters. So, OK. Sometimes it shows up that way. But then someone else, who presumably works for the same company, decided to stylize it with all capital letters:

fp kiss cap

Do the people at Yahoo! talk to each other? Email each other? Text each other? Send smoke signals? What is so hard about deciding how to spell KISS?

Why, fie on that spelling!

According to the Wi-Fi Alliance, Wi-Fi is one of its registered trademarks. It’s not a common noun as alleged on the Yahoo! front page:

fp wifi

It’s more than a direction

If you’re referring to the Western Hemisphere as the West, give it a capital W; otherwise, it’s just a direction. And as you can see on, it doesn’t always make sense:

fp west lc

In this context, the reader isn’t sure if the virus went westward or if it made its way to the Western Hemisphere.

headline meaningless words

Here’s a headline from Yahoo! News that’s from the Refrigerator Magnetic School of Writing:

kfc lc news

It looks as if someone threw a handful of random words on magnets onto the front of the Frigidaire. Perhaps a Yahoo! staffer could have taken a few minutes and written an actual headline, with an actual meaning, before publishing this mess.

That is so not proper!

Maybe the Shift key on the writer’s keyboard is acting a little shifty. That might explain why these proper nouns on Yahoo! News didn’t get the proper capitalization:

outer banks hurricane news

The Outer Banks is a string of barrier islands off the coast of North Carolina. As for hurricane, when it appears before the name of a hurricane, it gets a capital letter: Hurricane Arthur.

That’s when I stopped reading

I only had to read the first paragraph of this article on Yahoo! Shopping to know that I really didn’t care what the writer had to say:

mason jar shopping

If you can’t take the time to check the spelling of baby’s breath, Mason jar, centerpiece, and SoulCycle, then I’m not going to take the time to read any further.

This is a sorry excuse for writing

I’m sorry to say it, but it’s hard to believe that this article from Yahoo! Shine was produced by a professional writer. Heck, it’s hard to believe it was written by a middle school graduate.

There are a few minor problems, like needlessly capitalizing a word. “Sorry” doesn’t get a capital letter unless it’s at the start of a sentence or you’re writing about the board game:

sorry 1

This is a sorry attempt at making a possessive out of women:

sorry 2

(To form the possessive of a plural noun not ending in S, just add an apostrophe and S: women’s, men’s, children’s.)

Things get a little sorrier with an error-filled paragraph, which includes a subject-verb mismatch (the subject study takes the verb has identified):

sorry 3

A “verbal tick” sounds like a talking, bloodsucking arachnid. If the writer meant an idiosyncratic and habitual behavior, that would be a tic. Then there’s the issue of the pronoun they, which has no antecedent. Just who is they? The rest of the sentence is just a mess. If you’re still reading that article at this point, I feel sorry for you.

What’s going on at

Is there something weird happening at Has management fired all the English-speaking writers and outsourced the writing to Mumbai or Beijing? Every day there are errors on the page, but the last few days have seen a truckload more.

I don’t think a dog could wander away from a camping trip. She might wander away from a camp site. She might wander away during or while on a camping trip. But how do you wander away from a trip?

fp camping trip

Where is there? Since there is no mention of a country, you are free to supply your own interpretation. I’m voting for Djibouti:

fp there

Any real American would know that the venue is Radio City Music Hall:

fp radio music hall

Since World Cup is mentioned in about a gazillion places on Yahoo!, it’s hard to imagine that the writer thought this was correct:

fp cup lc

Really? How can anyone know what is on most criminals’ wish lists? Did someone take a poll of all arsonists, rapists, burglars, kidnappers, forgers, and— oh, I almost forgot— car thieves? So, what’s the truth? The Escape is the most-stolen car of all crossovers and SUVs. It’s not even the most stolen car in the U.S. And nobody knows what’s on most criminals’ wish lists.

fp most criminals

You still with me? I’ve got just one more (for now): A claim that you can learn in a 25-second video. You might learn from a 25-second video. You might view, watch, or follow along with a 25-second video. You might learn in 25 seconds. But learning in a video? Not so much.

fp learn in video

This makes no sense

Perhaps in the mind of the writer for Yahoo! Travel this makes sense, but to the rest of us it’s just nonsense:

great white north travel

“Great White North” refers to Canada; it’s not a compass direction. So, what this gal wrote was “I headed to the border of our neighbor to Canada.” The neighbor to Canada is the U.S. , which of course contradicts the rest of the sentence. (It’s a minor slip to fail to capitalize falls, but if I didn’t mention it, someone else would.)


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