Other than the mistakes, it’s perfect

Imagine a news site that manages to make three mistakes in a single sub-headline:

threates news

It kinda gives you lots of confidence in the accuracy of the article on Yahoo! News, doesn’t it? The writer misspelled threats, capitalized two (even though it wasn’t at the start of the sentence), and messed up Rafael Ramos’ name. But other than that, the sub-head is perfect.

Let the dictionary be your bible

When it comes to deciding whether to capitalize a word, let the dictionary be your bible. That’s my advice to the folks at the Yahoo! front page who chose to write about a bible. They weren’t referring to the Old Testament or the New Testament:

fp bible lc

The sacred text of Christianity and Judaism is the Bible; a reference work is a bible.

Not a prize winner

The writers for the Yahoo! front page aren’t going to win any prizes for writing with this undercapitalized Nobel Peace Prize:

fp nobel peace

Oh, well, at least they spelled Nobel correctly. This time.

Those titles can be a royal pain!

The Duchess of York gets the lowercase treatment on the Yahoo! front page:

fp duchess of york

Titles of nobility seem to stymie the writers and editors at Yahoo!. But it’s not that hard to get it right, at least if you follow the Associated Press style. The former wife of Prince Andrew, Duke of York, is Sarah, Duchess of York. (When you use their full title, it’s capitalized.) The duke and duchess have two daughters. (When you don’t use the full title, it’s lowercase.)

Blogger lets loose

If I were the type to let loose on Yahoo! News whenever I spotted a mistake on the site, I’d be in a constant state of  snark. So, I’m not going to chastise the brainiacs who don’t know to capitalize Senate when it refers to the U.S. legislative body:

lets lose news

What a crock!

This article on Yahoo! DIY has a promising start: The writer, whose title is actually editor, gave the trademarked Crock-Pot its due with capital letters and a hyphen. Then the wheels fell off:

crock pots diy

She has a little trouble with the extraneous them, which was just dropped in for no reason. And more trouble with the pronoun they, which requires a plural antecedent (the object it refers to); there’s just none other than recipes and that makes no sense. Of course, we know she should have used the singular it, referring to Crock-Pot, which is how she should have spelled the trademarked name of the slow cooker.

One word, two mistakes

Those folks at the Yahoo! front page are so clever. They manage to make two mistakes in a single word: capitalizing and misspelling shepherd.

fp shephard

I will never understand why the writers don’t have access to a spell-checker, or if they do, why they aren’t required to use it. Maybe they might avoid dumb mistakes like this one.

Time to end thanksgiving tukey

We should all be thankful that it will be another year before we can expect to see a lowercase Thanksgiving from Yahoo! DIY:

thanksgiving wreath diy

and a misspelled turkey:

tukey diy

Pilgrim’s progress

We certainly haven’t seen a lot of progress in the writing on the Yahoo! front page. The writers still have problems with hitting the Shift key when they encounter a proper noun:

fp pilgrims lc

The people who celebrated the first Thanksgiving were the Pilgrims, with a capital P.

Daryl Dixon and a Ziploc bag

If you mean Daryl Dixon, the character from “The Walking Dead,” and Ziploc, the trademarked plastic zipper storage bag, then learn to spell them correctly. If you don’t, you’ll wind up looking like a graduate of the Yahoo School of Journalism:

fp ziplock


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