This could have an adverse effect on readers

Maybe if you’re writing for Yahoo! Finance, you have dollars on the brain and hence, use both a dollar sign and the word dollars:

affect fin

One or the other is sufficient, really. Simple mistakes like that could have an adverse effect on your readers.

It has an effect on readers

If you’re like this writer for Yahoo! Sports and can’t match a verb (which should be is) to its subject (NBA), then you’re writing will have an effect on your readers, and it won’t be good:

an affect sports

The effect affects people differently

Yup, it sure does. Seeing an incorrect word like effects affects people differently. When it’s accompanied by a misspelled name, I just shrug my shoulders. After all, this is Yahoo! Shine and I’ve come to expect mistakes like that:

regiment shine 1

It’s no surprise to me that the writer still can’t remember how to spell Dr. LaRocca’s name or that well-being needs a hyphen. What is shocking is people with multiple sclerosis are exercising entire battalions. I think that an exercise regimen would be sufficient:

regiment shine 2

The effect it’s had on us all

What’s the effect on us all when we read something like this from Yahoo! Shine?

affect shine

Me? I tend to judge the writer — and not in a good way.

Peyton Manning and the wrong effect

Misspelling a well-known name like Peyton Manning will directly affect your credibility, especially if you’re supposedly an expert in football, like the folks at Yahoo! Sports:

effect payton sports

The wrong effect

Using the wrong word can have a negative effect on your readers. Using the verb affect when the noun effect is called for can affect your credibility. It makes me wonder who could respect the writer for Yahoo! Sports‘ “Prep Rally” after reading this:

an affect

How an affect can affect the effect

Using the wrong word in your writing can have a negative effect on your readers. If you use affect, when you should use effect, you look as careless and/or illiterate as the writer for Yahoo! News‘ “Who Knew”:

went into affect news who knew

It will affect the effect of your writing

Using the wrong word can affect the impression your writing makes on your readers, and the effect is not good.

effect for affect shine

If you’re like the writer for Yahoo! Shine and don’t know the difference between effect (a noun) and affect (a verb), consult a dictionary. Or most high school graduates.

Wrong word affects your effect on readers

Your use of words affects your readers’ perception of you and your credibility. The wrong word’s effect on readers is illustrated by

fp affect 4 effect

When you use the verb affect instead of the noun effect, the effect is not good.

The effect can affect your credibility as a writer

This is the type of error that can have a great effect on readers — and not in a good way:

affect shine

A mistake like that can affect a writer’s credibility. Don’t make the same mistake the Yahoo! Shine made by confusing the verb affect with the noun effect.


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