Do you loathe this word?

Do you loathe this mistake as much as I do? I’m loath to say this, but the reporter for Yahoo! News‘ “The Ticket” needs to consult a dictionary or a competent editor:

I’m loath to mention this

I’m loath to point out yet another error on Yahoo! Shine, but I loathe this error:

Loath means “reluctant”; loathe means “to dislike.”

I’m loath to say this, but I loathe this mistake

A transcription of a video on  Yahoo! Finance‘s “Tech Ticker” makes someone look a bit shortchanged in the vocabulary department here:

and again here:

Mr. Ritholtz actually used the word loath — a word that is obviously unfamiliar to the writer who tried to capture his interview. Loath means “unwilling or reluctant”; loathe means “to dislike greatly.”

I loathe mistakes like this, and I am not loath to say mistakes like this suck.


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