That explains a lot

If you’ve wondered how the many egregious mistakes made by Yahoo!’s writers can go uncorrected, consider these excerpts from an article written by Yahoo! Shine’s senior fashion and beauty editor.

You’d expect that a senior fashion and beauty editor could spell the name of designer Monique Lhuillier, wouldn’t you? But she gets it wrong here

palate 1

and here:

palate 4

Designer Galia Lahav doesn’t fare much better:

palate 3

Finally (although I can’t say for certain that this is the last error in the article), there’s this embarrassing homophonic error:

palate 2

A palate is the roof of a mouth; a palette is the board artists use to hold and mix paints, or a range of colors.

If a senior editor is a careless writer who can’t be bothered to proofread and confuses common homophones, is it any wonder that writing on Yahoo! is so amateurish?

Does it require paint thinner?

I don’t recommend your digesting a palette cleanser, even if you read about one on Yahoo! Shine:

palette cleanser

Correction: Make that especially if you read about one on Yahoo! Shine. The Shine writers are notorious for screwing up the simplest facts and for making homophonic errors that would embarrass any high school graduate.

For the record, this is a palette:


A palette cleanser would involve paint thinner. The kind of cleanser you ingest is a palate cleanser.

Bad spelling, bursting mouth, bold prediction

There’s hardly more you could cram into a single photo caption: a misspelled Mulberry, a roof of the mouth that “seemed to pop,” and a prediction for the far distant future:


The next time this Yahoo! Shine writer is looking for a colorful word, she should dip her pen in a new palette.

What color is the roof of your mouth?

What color is the roof of your mouth? Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, has a serene color palate. I’m thinking maybe it’s a sage green or perhaps a little mustard yellow:

Maybe it’s even several colors — like an artist’s palette. That’s it! A palate palette. Thanks, Yahoo! Shine. Figuring that out was fun!

Please get this girl an editor

Please, someone, anyone get this girl an editor. Save Yahoo! and Yahoo! Shine further embarrassment from the ramblings of a language-impaired writer.

This gal has problems, and she’s not afraid to show them. In one article she can make a dozen major goofs. Like this:

Going into what? Omitting a word and a hyphen isn’t actually a brand-new mistake for Shine writers.

Remarked at? What has he doing — talking to a metal scanner? This poor child has no idea what word to use in any situation:

Yes, CGI animation enters. Enters what, I have no idea. I’m thinkin’ maybe the Earth’s atmosphere. Or maybe Midtown Manhattan:

I’m getting tired of this. A professional writer who doesn’t know to hyphenate Broadway-style or capitalize Emmy Awards:

OK, this is just too funny. Her later apologized? Let’s give this writer a shout-out for the best typos of the week (and it’s only Tuesday):

Was Bob Iger dead? Drunk? Dead drunk? Why on Earth did they have to stand him up? Why on Earth doesn’t the writer know that TV shows need some kind of special treatment, like quotation marks?

Why doesn’t she try to hit the Shift key at the right time. Really, honey, capitalized letters mean things. So, capitalize Snuggie, which is a trademark:

Lordie. She can’t even capitalize Mickey Mouse correctly? No red-blooded American would make a mistake like this:

No, she’s not a very artistic. She’s also not a very writer:

Were you really at the Animator’s Palate, as you claim? I doubt it, because you don’t even know the name of the restaurant:

Huh? Are there too many words here:

and not enough words there?

Please, get this gal an editor. Or a different career.

Were you hitting the Chick Beer before you wrote that?

Was the writer for Yahoo! Shine dipping into the Chick Beer before she sat down at the keyboard? That could explain the misspelled curlicue, silhouette, and technique:

Perhaps she was a bit tipsy when she decided that palate (which means “the roof of a mouth” or “a sense of taste”) was the correct word instead of palette (which refers to colors):

Is this evidence of more alcohol-fueled typing? A six-pack deserves a hyphen when it’s used as a modifier, you’re is just laughingly wrong, and there’s two commas missing (to set off liquor industry):

My advice to the writer? Next time, wait a bit after imbibing before you try to type; otherwise, you just end up looking like an idiot.

Julia Roberts and the roof of her mouth

Did the writer for Yahoo! Shine‘s “The Thread” actually check the color of Julia Roberts’ mouth to declare it brown?

Ms. Roberts’ palate is the roof of her mouth or her sense of taste (the kind of taste involving food, not clothes. Unless she’s chewing on her sweater). The colors she chooses to wear are part of her palette.

Looking into Tony Robbins’ mouth

What is up with this Yahoo! Shine writer’s obsession with YELLING? She seems to have forgotten that ALL CAPITAL LETTERS are a no-no online:

The accompanying article doesn’t get much better. There’s a misplaced comma here, not to mention a missing word:

Is while the wrong word?  (I think she meant because.) I’m not sure what the writer is trying to say, but her writing is hardly spot-on:

I read two words here and stopped:

That’s the effect of a comma inserted where it has no business to be.

OK, so the writer got my attention with the SHOUTING. So, I read on and learned that Tony Robbins likely gets his suits custom-made. But why on God’s green earth wouldn’t he want to look better?

I have no idea what color Mr. Robbins’ palate is:

Did someone check this man’s mouth to determine it’s just one color?

Homophones in general and palates in particular

Two words go awry in this excerpt from Yahoo! Shine:

baby talk shine parenting

I think the writer meant in particular or specifically. And unless the writer is applying the coriander to an artist’s palette, the correct word is palate.

Pastries supply colors for breakfast

Applying pastries to an artist’s palette isn’t the traditional way to begin a painting. But if you have a refined palate and a sweet tooth, you might enjoy them for breakfast.  

palette spark

Thanks, Yahoo! The Spark, for the laugh of the day.


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