Take a peak at this!

Take a peak at Yahoo! Style:

sneak peak style

No, really. Take a peak and replace it with a peek, because that’s the word that means “to glance quickly or peer furtively.”

Take a peak

Take a peak. Really, any peak. Everest. Kilimanjaro. Rainier. Fuji. Pick one. And then take a peek at this homophonic error on Yahoo! Movies:

peak movies

Take a peek at this

Here’s a sneak peek on the Yahoo! front page that should pique your interest:

fp peak

Why is sneak peek spelled correctly once and incorrectly once?

Where else are you going to peak?

If you don’t peak at the top, where do you peak? Why do I ask? Well, just take a peek at this on Yahoo! News to see:

news dont peak

Which peak would that be?

Everest? Mont Blanc? Rainier? Just which peak is the sneaky one mentioned on Yahoo! Movies?

sneak peak movies

Does it not pique your curiosity? Don’t you wish you could sneak a peek at the answer?

Which peak would you take?

The folks at the Yahoo! Answers blog are encouraging residents of the United Kingdom and Ireland to take a peak:

peak answers blog

Which peak would you take? I like Mt. Everest. Leave your preference in the comments and we’ll take a peek at it!

Just the latest sneak peak

Yahoo! writers have made this mistake more than 40 times before. So, it’s no surprise that it has shown up again on Yahoo! Movies:

sneak peak movies hp

Maybe the writers and editors think that because sneak rhymes with peak, that they must be spelled similarly. And that would be correct — if the word they want is the one that means “A tapering, projecting point” like the peak of a mountain. If they want the word that means “quick look or glance,” then that would be peek.

The peak of imperfection

Take a sneak peek at this from Yahoo! Shine:

sneak peak lim shine

It’s the peak of homophonic errors.

Which peak are you referring to?

Which peak was the writer on Yahoo! Screen referring to? I can see several in the picture:

peak screen

I think it’s the big purple peak, but I’d have to take a sneak peek at the video to know for sure.

What are you feeling nostalgic about?

Holiday time often makes people nostalgic about past Christmases, family gatherings, and Santa fantasies. What are you nostalgic for? Me? I’m nostalgic for a time when writers cared about the quality of their work and knew the basics of English, like the difference between it’s (a contraction for it is or it has) and its (a possessive pronoun):

vegan cb 0

I miss the days when professionals would be humiliated if a reader ever took a sneak peek at a homophonic horror like this:

vegan cb 1

I’m nostalgic for the days before there was a Yahoo! Shine.


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