Know won wood right sew pourly

These eras halve two bee scene too bee believed.

Due ewe no the difference between bite and byte? The writer four Yahoo! News doesn’t:

bytes news

Eye think an editor is kneaded to rain inn the gaffs on Yahoo! Sports‘ “Prep Rally”:

reining sports pr

and on Yahoo! omg!:

bare for bear omg

This whirred on Yahoo! Shine has a hole different meaning from the write whirred:

stationary shine

and sew does this won:

pair shine

That store ain’t goin’ nowhere

You can’t buy Kim Kardashian’s shower invitation at a stationary store (which most stores are) — or even a stationery store. At least that’s the message I got from this photo caption on Yahoo! Shine:

stationary store shine

It’s not going anywhere

Rubber stamps, cards, and envelopes. Whatever you make with that, it’s not going anywhere:

The clever writer for Yahoo! Shine meant stationery (which is writing paper, envelopes, and the like), not stationary (which means “not moving”).

Push-up bras, missing characters, and immobile Playboy bunnies

Omitting the hyphens in push-up and nine-year-olds is bad. But immobile Playboy bunnies? Hilarious:

Thanks go to  Yahoo! Shine for this lesson in a homophone gone terribly wrong.

They’re not going anywhere

Don’t try mailing the custom note cards described by Yahoo! Shine:

They’re stationary and won’t be going anywhere.

Ideal gift for kids who hate moving sets

If you know a child who throws a hissy fit every time a set moves, then you’ll want to know about this gift suggested by Yahoo! Shopping:

Some of us still long for the days before email when you wrote letters to family on stationary stationery.


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