Because a joint interview separately is just silly

I am indebted to Yahoo! Celebrity for explaining that two people had a joint interview together. I guess doing a joint interview separately would present a logistical challenge:

joint together omg

So, that’s three faces?

Someone with too much time on his hands noticed that Joaquin Phoenix’s face looks a little funny in the movie “Her.” According to Yahoo! Movies, there’s a face in the wrinkles of Mr. Phoenix’s forehead and — believe it or not — the face in the forehead also has a face and a mouth:

forehead movies

So, I pulled out my trusty abacus and figured out that there’s three faces and four mouths. But looking at the typos, I may have underestimated.

Good to know

Oh, it’s so good to know that because I’m thrifty with my money (what else would I be thrifty with?), I don’t have to drive a bad car:

fp thrifty

I have no idea what a “bad car” is, because I’ve never heard of a car being bad. Did the writer mean a lemon? Why would the writer assume that tightfisted consumers expect to buy only “bad cars”? Anyhoo,  I’m glad to know that according to the folks, I don’t have to drive one even though I’m parsimonious with my money.

Do I repeat myself? Do I repeat myself?

What are the chances that this paragraph was proofread by someone at Yahoo! TV? What are the chances that this paragraph was proofread by someone at Yahoo! TV? What are the chances that this paragraph was proofread by someone at Yahoo! TV?

repeat tv

Do I repeat myself? Repeat myself?

Could this sentence on the Yahoo! front page be any longer or any more repetitive?

fp certain drugs

We don’t need no stinkin’ proofreading

Proofreading? That’s for wussies. The folks at Yahoo! TV don’t believe in it and I have the evidence to prove it:

50 cent tv

Do I repeat myself repeat myself?

Does there seem to be an extra word in the  sentence on Yahoo! News in which I was engrossed in?

in which in news

Aren’t you glad that the actor/comedian/life coach didn’t have foolish words of wisdom?

wise words tv

If he had offered foolish words, I’m sure the Yahoo! Travel would have written: some very foolish words of foolishness.

I admit it: He’s an addict

Really? Did the folks at Yahoo! Sports really need to tell us that Mr. Singleton is a self-admitted drug addict, and not just an admitted addict?

self-admitted sports

It’s probably the same thinking that’s behind telling us that a DIY (do-it-yourself) project on Yahoo! Shine is something you can do:


If you’re concerned about losing readers with short attention spans or devices with small screens, don’t use unnecessary words and don’t tell them what they already know. I know, I know. I’m a self-admitted know-it-all.

One million dollars dollars!

Perhaps in an attempt to emphasize that Mr. Burton had raised $1 million, the Yahoo! TV writer gives us both a dollar sign and the word million:

dollars tv

You don’t need both: Pick one and go with it.

So few words, so many mistakes

How many mistakes can you crowd into a single sentence? If you write for, quite a few:

fp crisis

I can’t understand why the writer abbreviated secretary and capitalized the abbreviation and the word state. According to the Associated Press style (which Yahoo! claims to follow), the title secretary of state should never be abbreviated and is capitalized only when it precedes a name. Maybe the writer was trying to conserve space so that there was room to repeat of the crisis.


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