Out of order

Just when I think the writers and editors who work on the Yahoo! front page have made every mistake possible, they come up with a new one:

fp michelle rod actress

Didn’t anyone at yahoo.com notice that the word actress belongs in front of the actress’s name?

When one spelling is not enough

Why limit yourself to one spelling of a word? Just do what the writers on yahoo.com do, and spell Yezidi with an E here:

fp yezidi

Then try a second spelling, just to see if your readers are paying attention.

fp yazidi

Do you check your text after it’s published?

Are you a blogger? If so, do you check what you’ve written after it’s been posted? You should because you don’t want to commit the same mistakes that the people at Yahoo! News did:

air strikes news

If they’d looked at this after it was published, they might have noticed the different spellings of the same word and the HTML code for an apostrophe. Oops.

Maybe the photos make sense

Let’s hope that the photos make more sense than this headline on Yahoo! News:

how news

And I thought it was totally accidental

Imagine that! A multimillion-dollar house with a layout that was intentional! Planned, even! And here I thought that it was totally accidental. Thanks, yahoo.com, for clarifying that:

fp intentional

It’s another definition of ‘non sequitur’

You might recall reading about another non sequitur on yahoo.com. but did you know that the Yahoo! front page also displays ads?

fp non seq 2

It’s the definition of ‘non sequitur’

This sentence is the most brilliant example of a non sequitur I’ve ever seen. It’s no surprise that it’s on the Yahoo! front page:

fp nonseq

Looking for the U.S. version of Yahoo?

I thought I was reading the U.S. version of Yahoo! until I read this on Yahoo! Sports:

honours sports

That spelling of honors is what you’d find on the other side of the Atlantic. That’s among several words on Yahoo! that are chiefly British, but on a site for a U.S. audience. Like this:

amongst sports

According to the blog for Oxford Dictionaries:

Many authorities (such as “Garner’s Modern American Usage”) and language blogs state that, in US English, amongst is now seen as old-fashioned, and even “pretentious”. If you are a US English speaker, therefore, and you don’t want to come across to your audience as out of date or, heaven forbid, linguistically la-di-da, then it’s advisable to opt for among.

File this under ‘Very Odd News’

Yahoo! News’ “Odd News” is indeed odd. Extremely odd. Here’s a story about speed dating, but it looks like Steven Spielberg is going around with a triceratops:

pic spielberg

Maybe that’s just a gal wearing a dinosaur-shaped bag on her head. That’s impressive!

My favorite show: Orange Is New the Black

OMG! Is this the worst mistake ever on Yahoo! TV?

ointb tv

How do you screw up the initials of the TV show “Orange Is the New Black”? LMAO


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