Too much or too little?

Are there too many characters or too few words in this teaser on the Yahoo! front page?

fp moras apost

Is this supposed to be “Floribeth Mora says” or ” Floribeth Mora’s manicurist says”?

Liquefying catastrophe

Perhaps someone can explain how shifting earth can liquefy a catastrophe. It makes no sense to me, but apparently it makes sense to the writer for

fp shifting earth

What the writer meant: The shifting earth is unlikely to liquefy as it did during  the Oso, Wash. catastrophe.

Do I have to draw you a picture?

A great photograph can convey feelings, emotions, and a surprising amount of information. It can save you words — as long as you pick the right pic. Here’s how a writer at Yahoo! Shine illustrated the benefits of coconut oil:

pic coconut oil

You, too, can be young, tall, and slim all while nonchalantly resting on a mailbox. Looks great! Hey, waiter, I’ll have another latte with Splenda and coconut oil!

And when I’m done sipping that coffee beverage, I’m going to clean my fridge because those miniblinds on the fridge’s glass door don’t clean themselves:

pic fridge window

Then I think I’ll make dinner. How does spaghetti carbonara sound? Only without the spaghetti. Kinda like this linguini on

pic fp spag pic

I think the pictures and headlines on Yahoo! are far more entertaining that the actual articles.

Read THIS to your boost proofreading skills

Did you spot the error in this caption? If so, you’re doing better than the folks at Yahoo! Shine:

eat this shine

World’s oldest POW?

It’s not nice to screw up a tribute to a former U.S. senator and prisoner of war. But that’s what the folks over at the Yahoo! front page did when they tell us he was 89, right after telling us about his experience as a POW:

fp 89

The right picture is worth a thousand words

Sometimes the most dangerous insect isn’t an insect at all. It’s an arachnid — at least when it comes to choosing a picture on Yahoo! Shine.  Who’s going to question whether a spider is an insect? Not the Shine editors:

pic insect shine

That’s just one of many hilarious photos chosen to illustrate a headline on Shine. Looking for the purr-fect picture of a pet? Don’t expect it to be a cat. Apparently on Shine, dogs purr, too:

pic purr-fect

Looking for the right way to wear a suit? First, choose the right crown:

pic ellen suit

If you’re still not confused, try this picture of a “stroller” that looks suspiciously like a baby carriage or pram:

pic stroller

And what do you carry all those diapers and baby gear in? A tote that you hold like a clutch because it has no handles or straps:

pic tote shine

When your darlin’ munchkins are through playing with all their stuff, what do you do with those toys? Well, you could sell them — provided their toys consist of a cell phone, a candle for a birthday cake, eyeglasses, a deck of cards, and a muselet (that’s the wire cage on a Champagne bottle):

pic kids play with shine

When you need a picture to illustrate your pearls, don’t be limited to your actual words! Just pick something at random. Nobody will notice.

Soiree, foray. What’s the diff?

This is one of those articles from Yahoo! News that actually makes me feel sorry for the writer. Clearly, English is not his first language, and he’s being asked to write as if it were and as if he were a trained professional. It can’t be easy. So, that may be why he thinks sing-a-long makes sense as a verb. It does not:

soiree news 1

Of course, he meant sing along.

He may have thought that the adverb completely was called for here, but he’s wrong again. The correct word is complete:

soiree news 2

This is clearly just a typo (I hope), so he gets a bye with this:

soiree news 3

But “first soiree with Internet stardom” makes no sense whatsoever. I can hardly imagine what he thought he was writing:

soiree news 4

Could it be “first foray into Internet stardom”? Anyhoo, the writer also omitted an apostrophe after Keys (or perhaps it should be Keys’s, one never knows what Yahoo!’s standard is), but helpfully dropped an unnecessary (and incorrect) comma after called.

English is a difficult language to master. Maybe this writer could use a little help — from a competent editor.

Look what you have done!

What language does the writer for speak? It ain’t English. This is the most screwed-up word order I’ve seen in a long time:

fp what you have

Maybe that’s a transliteration of a question in Serbian or German, but in English, the question is: What have you done lately for fun?

5 reasons to check your posts post-posting

Do you check your blog posts after you’ve published them? You should. If you don’t, you could be publishing a lot of HTML gibberish like this on Yahoo! Celebrity:

html celeb

Or this from Yahoo! News:

html apost news us

or this:

html news quot

or this:

html apost news

Or this attempt at italicizing a title from Yahoo! Shine:

html ital shine3

Thank goodness I don’t have to do them all in one day!

Walking can be beneficial to your health.  Some people recommend 10,000 steps daily, and some people — like the folks who write for Yahoo! Shine — question the efficacy not of 10,000 steps a day, but 10,000 daily steps:

daily steps shine hp

That’s like questioning the benefit of taking one step a day for 10,000 days. The order of words really can affect the meaning of a sentence.


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