Wondering how you keep your job

This is what I’m wondering: How the heck did this writer get a job with Yahoo! Style? Clearly this guy has a limited grasp of English:

wondering for more

It’s not the use of a comma instead of an em-dash or a semicolon, which is what should be used to join two independent clauses. It’s the whole “wondering for more” that has me wondering if English is his first language. And makes me wonder why there’s no editor to clean up his dribblings before they’re posted.

Painting with Japanese food

I love tempura, but I’ve never painted with it. But that’s what the genius writer at Yahoo! DIY recommends:

tempura paint diy

I’m trying to imagine taking this tempura and dipping it in a soy-ginger sauce and smearing it on canvas:


And if I needed a little green for my painting, I’d dip the shrimp in a little wasabi sauce! Yum! And if I run out of tempura, I could use this paint:

tempera paint

You’re under arrest

The grammar police should make an arrest at the yahoo.com headquarters for this gaffe:

fp him being arrested

Did that really sound right to the writer? If so, then he or she needs to hang around people who speak proper English and start reading something other than Facebook timelines and Twitter posts.

The correct pronoun is the possessive his because being is a gerund, which is a verb functioning as a noun. The writer could have avoided this embarrassment by simply writing “by his arrest.” Easy, no?

This often gets mistaken for correct English

Actually, no, it doesn’t. This kind of mistake is not often mistaken for correct except over at the Yahoo! front page:

fp mistaken as

I can’t say that I’ve ever read or heard “mistaken as a daughter/girl/writer.” Ever. It’s one of those mistakes that makes me wonder where Yahoo! finds its writers.

Get a few years more under your belt

The editor in chief of Yahoo! Style could use a few more years of writing under his belt:

on her belt style

Perhaps with some additional experience and the guidance of a competent editor he’ll learn some common idioms and the correct preposition for them.

Not a historic event

It’s hardly a historic event when the folks at the Yahoo! front page use the wrong indefinite article before words like historic, hotel, and eulogy:

fp an historic event

Use a (and not an) before a word that begins with a consonant sound, even if its first letter is a vowel.

Try making sense

Testing my patience, this sentence on the Yahoo! front page makes no sense:

fp dna testing

Of course the testing didn’t match the inmate. What the writer should have told us: Did the results of the DNA testing of crime scene evidence match the inmate’s DNA? That would make some sense.

This is a far cry from correct

Is this writer from Yahoo! Style mocking the title of the Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1 movie? Or is she really that bad at copying a word?

monkingjay style

There’s something to be said for a writer who just plugs away at her craft, without concern for using the correct words:

something to be said about

Her ignorance of common idioms is quite astonishing. The result is that her writing is a far cry from acceptable:

a far call style

That’s not possible

Regardless of what you might read on the Yahoo! front page, it’s simply impossible for a mass murder to wed:

fp murder

I don’t think Michael Jackson is enjoying much of anything

Perhaps the writers for the Yahoo! front page know a lot more about the afterlife than I. Perhaps Michael Jackson really is enjoying success, in spite of his passing, and those of us who are unable to communicate with those in the beyond are the poorer for it.

fp dead enjoying


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