Not a prize winner

The writers for the Yahoo! front page aren’t going to win any prizes for writing with this undercapitalized Nobel Peace Prize:

fp nobel peace

Oh, well, at least they spelled Nobel correctly. This time.

Besieged by misspellings

Sometimes it seems like readers are besieged by misspellings and typos on Yahoo!. And there’s no reason for the kind of mistakes we all find on the Yahoo! front page:

fp seige 2

and Yahoo! News:

seige news

If the writers and editors refuse to use a spell-checker or a dictionary, then maybe they should just stick to easier words, like attack. I don’t think they can mess that up.

The number is close to one

The number of errors that you’ll find in this sentence from Yahoo! Celebrity is close to one:

number are celeb

It’s so close to one, that it is one. And it’s a common subject-verb disagreement when the subject is number. Here’s what the American Heritage Dictionary says about number as a collective noun:

As a collective noun number may take either a singular or a plural verb. It takes a singular verb when it is preceded by the definite article the: The number of skilled workers is increasing. It takes a plural verb when preceded by the indefinite article a: A number of the workers have learned new skills.

Know those lyrics?

Lyrics can be a convenient device for introducing a topic, a blog post, or an article — as long as you get the words right. Screw them up and you’ll look like someone who writes for Yahoo! DIY:

he knows when diy

Those aren’t the lyrics from “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town.” It should be:

He sees you when you’re sleeping

He knows when you’re awake

Your readers will recognize your mistake instantly. And it makes them feel superior to you. So, I guess there’s an upside to making a mistake.

What was he tried for the first time?

An art teacher from Ohio took time after his retrial (for an undisclosed crime) to help decorate the White House for Christmas:

retried diy

When I see statements like that on Yahoo! DIY, I wonder if the site’s editors have all retired.

Where does Beyoncé get her wisdom?

She imports it! Or at least that’s what a writer for Yahoo! Style says:

imports style

I’d like to impart a little wisdom of my own, for the benefit (I hope) of the writer: Don’t trust a spell-checker to do all of your proofreading for you. A word may be spelled correctly, but a spell-checker can’t tell you if it’s the correct word to use.

Everyone needs an editor

The editor in chief over at Yahoo! Style could use a little help in the editing department:

us editors style

If you think readers don’t care about grammar, here’s what one person said about the article:

Joe, you commented . . .”but upon careful inspection we did realize that she pulled off a styling trick that us fashion editors – and Carrie Bradshaw – have been doing for years.” As Editor in Chief, I hope you recognize your grammar faux pas. “Us fashion editors” needs to be & quot;we” with no two ways about it! As I tell my students, “Check your work!” You would be wise to do the same!

As you are wont to do

It may be a simple case of a missing apostrophe or it may be a case of mistaken word. The writers at Yahoo! Sports are wont to make both types of error:

wont sports

The word should be won’t, a contraction of will not. The verb wont means “accustomed, used to, or likely.”

I was looking for the U.S. version

I thought I was looking at the U.S. version of, until I read this:

fp jumper

In the U.S., this is a jumper:

jumper dress

It’s called a pinafore dress or a pinafore in the U.K, where a jumper is a pullover sweater.

What Prince George is wearing in the photo is what we in the States call a sweater vest.


One couple mistake

After reading this a couple of times, I was convinced that the writer for the Yahoo! front page omitted a word:

fp couple days

Here’s what the American Heritage Dictionary says on the omission of of:

“The of in the phrase a couple of is often dropped in speech, but this omission is usually considered a mistake. In 2013, 80 percent of the Usage Panel found the sentence A couple friends came over to watch the game to be unacceptable.”


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