Not a good place for that

Headlines in mile-high letters are not good places for grammatical errors.

thats sports

I bet the writer for Yahoo! Sports would really be embarrassed to learn that his that’s should be that are.

Not on the right track

If you need another reason not to trust what you read on Yahoo! Health, consider this:

gi track health

The writer gets a passing grade for correctly spelling gastrointestinal, but a big fat F for track. When you’re writing about anatomy, the word is tract. If you’re writing about a railroad, use track.

What’s better than botox?

What’s better than botox? Spelling it correctly — with a capital B. Botox is a registered trademark, and not the generic noun that the writer for thinks it is:

fp botox lc

Well, at least you’ll learn about techniques that will banish wrinkles better than Botox does, right? No. The article never mentions Botox, which is probably a good thing, since the writer would likely misspell it.

Me and my dog were appalled

Holy Milk Bone! Even my dog Millie would know that this is a giant grammatical gaffe on Yahoo! Answers:

me and my dog answers

If the writer had said that in front of my mother, he or she would have gotten a smack upside the head. She taught me and all my siblings that you never put yourself first. If the writer had put my dog first, then it would be obvious that the correct pronoun is I, not me: my dog and I were. At least I hope it would be obvious.

Get the inside scope!

Here’s the inside scoop for the writer for Yahoo! Shopping: This is just wrong:

inside scope shopping

Try scoping out a dictionary next time you’re looking for a common idiom and you don’t want to look like an idiot.

The most irresponsible news site on the Web

Anyone looking for accurate news should steer clear of Yahoo! News. The so-called news site has made one of the most irresponsible — and completely inaccurate — claims concerning the case of a shooting of an unarmed 18-year-old African American by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. According to Yahoo!, there is a previously undiscovered video of the victim raising his hands in the air:

ferg news 1

If that were true, it would be critical evidence in a case that has rocked the entire nation.

Long-time readers of Terribly Write know that anything reported by Yahoo! should be considered suspect. The actual article, written by the Associated Press (a more reliable source that Yahoo!’s “journalists”) tells a different story:

ferg news 2

The moral impact of nail polish

Choosing the correct color of nail polish has just be elevated to a moral and ethical decision by a writer at Yahoo! Beauty:

conscientious decision

Those with lesser standards might only make a conscious decision about nail color, but shame on them! This should be a conscientious decision on par with refusing to fight in a war for religious reasons.

Getting tangled up in the wrong chord

Kids these days! What with all their cell phones and their smartphones, they probably don’t know that at one time, phones had cords. And if they writer for Yahoo! Style, they certainly don’t know that the cords didn’t include an H:

chord style

Take a peak at this!

Take a peak at Yahoo! Style:

sneak peak style

No, really. Take a peak and replace it with a peek, because that’s the word that means “to glance quickly or peer furtively.”

Capital crimes

It should be a crime (or at least a misdemeanor), to capitalize a word needlessly. You wouldn’t capitalize the word writer, would you? So why would anyone capitalize the word director, when it is simply an occupation or job, and not an official title? Oh, yeah, I almost forgot: This is and normal rules of language do not apply:

fp director uc

The writer probably thought it was really special, just as the writer for Yahoo! Travel thought that mecca was really deserving of a capital letter:

mecca cap travel

Sometimes, it does get an uppercase M — when it refers to the city in Saudi Arabia. But if the reference is to a place that is visited by many people, then it’s just a mecca.

Some people love autumn so much they bestow a capital letter on fall. That’s especially true over at Yahoo! Style, where the writers seem to think that style refers to making up your own rules about English:

fall cap style

And here:

fall uc style

And here:

fall cap style 2

And spring has sprung into a proper noun in the mind of at least one writer:

spring uc style

Not to be left out of the Society to Elevate Seasons to Proper Nouns, a writer for Yahoo! Movies decides that if fall gets a cap, so does autumn:

autumn cap movies

Capital crimes? Maybe not, but I’m willing to make a citizen’s arrest and take the case (lowercase, of course), to court.


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