If only there were a way…

If only there were a way for a writer to look up the correct spelling of a product. I’m thinkin’ maybe if the writer for Yahoo! News had a picture of Hellmann’s mayonnaise, this misspelling might not have happened:

hellmans news


You call that a malfunction?

When reading about a wardrobe malfunction you encounter a spelling malfunction, you know you’re looking at a Yahoo! site. This time it’s Yahoo! Celebrity:

malfuction celeb

Payoff off

This payoff on Yahoo! Sports is a little off:

payoff sports

As one word, payoff is a noun. What’s needed here is a verb, pay off.

Besieged by misspellings

Sometimes it seems like readers are besieged by misspellings and typos on Yahoo!. And there’s no reason for the kind of mistakes we all find on the Yahoo! front page:

fp seige 2

and Yahoo! News:

seige news

If the writers and editors refuse to use a spell-checker or a dictionary, then maybe they should just stick to easier words, like attack. I don’t think they can mess that up.

What whas that whord?

Whell, it looks like the whriter for Yahoo! Celebrity whent a little overboard with the H’s:

whirlwhind celeb

Misspelling Super Bowl

Is this more proof that the writing on yahoo.com has been outsourced? What American doesn’t know that it’s the Super Bowl and not Superbowl, which sounds like a large toilet?

fp superbowl

Maybe you should try Googling her name

I know one person who didn’t bother searching for Ariana Grande, and that person works at yahoo.com:

fp arianna grande

Oddest oddsmaker is a real stinker

Here’s a really odd oddsmaker from the Yahoo! front page:

fp oddmakers

That’s not the only oddity in that module: The sentence below it seems really odd, too.

They’ve totally given up

How can you tell the Yahoo! Style editors have no commitment to their job and have, in fact, given up? It starts when they can’t even get the name of their site right:

styled 1

And it goes on to the misspelled series and a commitment that couldn’t be more screwed up.

They don’t bother to spell three words correctly and don’t bother proofreading or running a spell-checker. These “editors” have checked out.

A crappy birthday wish for Joan Didion

Is this the worst birthday wish ever? How sincere was the Yahoo! Style writer in wishing Joan Didion a happy birthday?

joan didon style

If you want to show your admiration for someone, at least take the time to spell their name correctly.


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