Lots of one guest

Just what is the fate of your guest during the holidays? The lots of a guest mentioned on Yahoo! DIY has me wondering:

youre guests diy

Maybe that’s supposed to guests! Yes, that’s the ticket. But now I have to figure out why those folks at Yahoo! said “you are guests.” Are they inviting us all over for a little eggnog?

What is he now?

Johnny Manziel’s former confidante appears to have had a sex change. He’s now a male, although yahoo.com claims he was once a female:

fp confidante

A confidant is someone to whom secrets are disclosed; a confidante is a female confidante.

Writer of anarchy

If you’ve never seen than mistaken for then, or haven’t seen the compound adjective 30-second without its hyphen, then you haven’t been reading Yahoo! DIY.

soa 1

What would Yahoo! DIY be without its very own misuse of it’s for its?

soa 2

Somehow in that same article, this got past the eagle-eyed editors:

soa 3

I think it has something to do with wearing a pattern to keep your head warm. Frankly, I think a hat would be warmer than a pattern.

Of course there are more typos, like this one below:

soa 4

Call me old-fashioned, but I appreciate the well-placed hyphen and the beauty of a real dash (like this: —) and not a puny hyphen:

soa 5

Also, I think pronouns (like them) should refer to a noun that’s actually present in the same sentence. Or paragraph. Or article.

Blogger lets loose

If I were the type to let loose on Yahoo! News whenever I spotted a mistake on the site, I’d be in a constant state of  snark. So, I’m not going to chastise the brainiacs who don’t know to capitalize Senate when it refers to the U.S. legislative body:

lets lose news

It can affect the way readers view you

A stupid, bone-headed mistake like this one on yahoo.com can affect the way a reader views the website:

fp effect

Reverse that

It’s not unusual for a writer to use the possessive pronoun its when the contraction it’s is called for. So, I wasn’t surprised to see this goof on Yahoo! DIY:

its list diy

What did surprise me was that the writer uses it’s instead of the correct its:

its list diy 2

She’s really, really confused. But she can clear up this problem by writing it’s every time she thinks its is correct — and vice versa.

The effect of change

It must be so gratifying to effect change, but not this change from Yahoo! Style:

affect change style

Although affect is usually a verb, it can also be a noun. Although effect is usually a noun, it can also be a verb meaning “to bring about.” And that’s the meaning in that sentence.

Playing fast and loose with language

If you play fast and loose with English, you’re bound to come up with laughable results. Just ask the writer for Yahoo! Style who’s the new loser:

loser style 1

Armani is known for his looser clothes, which the writer alleges are minimal, which probably means they hardly cover all your bits and bobs:

loser style 2

I always thought his clothes were minimalistic, but I was wrong. But I wasn’t as wrong as the writer whose spelling ability is a real liability when it comes to the movie Inglourious Basterds.

Watching like a hock

If you’ve been watching Yahoo! Travel like a hawk, you probably noticed that you can pawn items at a rodeo:

hocking travel

Or you probably noticed that the writer didn’t know the difference between hock, which means to pawn, and hawk, which means to sell.

All it needs is a little paint

In an article about paint colors, the Yahoo! DIY writer gets a bit confused by a homophone:

pallet diy

This is a pallet; throw some paint on it and it’d be a color pallet:

pallet diy 2

A range of colors is a color palette.


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