Your readers are sure to eat this up

You’re sure to impress your readers with a misspelled word and a contraction when a possessive pronoun is called for. Do them both in a single sentence and you could qualify for a job at Yahoo! DIY:

reptillian youre diy

This could have an adverse effect on readers

Maybe if you’re writing for Yahoo! Finance, you have dollars on the brain and hence, use both a dollar sign and the word dollars:

affect fin

One or the other is sufficient, really. Simple mistakes like that could have an adverse effect on your readers.

Shave or a haircut? What’s your favorite?

All you barbers out there, here’s a poll for you: Which service do you prefer to give a customer? A shave or a haircut. Let me know in the comments. While I’m waiting for the responses to flood in, I think I’ll amuse myself with this homophonic horror from Yahoo! DIY:

barber poll diy

This is what the writer meant: It’s a barber pole:

barber pole

It was an everyday suit

This news anchor wore an everyday suit every day for a year. And this is the kind of error you can see every day on Yahoo! Style:

everyday head style

What does Arthur Elgort do with artillery?

Photographer Arthur Elgort has a cannon of work. Maybe when he’s not shooting pictures he’s shooting howitzers:

cannon style

If I were the writer for Yahoo! Style, I’d make sure my canon of work didn’t include embarrassing homophonic errors. (Even if the writer had use the word canon, it’s a bit iffy if the word applies, since it refers to the works of a writer.)

Will the Senate be in session?

When Prince William visits the U.S. next month, he’ll spend time in New York City and the U.S. capital, which is Washington, D.C. The U.S. Capitol, which the writer for Yahoo! Style thinks is the city, is actually a building:

capitol style

The word capitol, with an O, is a building where state legislatures meet; with a capital C, it’s where the U.S. Congress meets. If you mean anything else, then use the word with two A’s: capital.

Sticking a plate on the roof of her mouth?

Can you figure out how an artistic mom could use a plate as the roof of her mouth? Does she use a saucer and Super Glue? And why would she want that kind of palate? Those are the questions I’m left with after reading this on Yahoo! DIY:

palate diy

Oh, I have one more question: If she’s mixing up ingredients on a plate, wouldn’t that be like a painter mixing paints on a palette?

It isn’t decent

This might be a decent article from Yahoo! Style — if it weren’t for the errors. The writer could make the age decent with a couple of hyphens: 20-year-old. (Omitting a hyphen from an age is one of the top three hyphen errors you’ll see on Yahoo!.) The paragraph might be decent if the writer appreciated the difference between decent and descent — and if the writer told us how polite the subject is:

decent style

That’s not impossible

Do you ever think that you’ve seen every writing error that could possibly be made when traipsing around the Internet? Just when I think there are no new mistakes to be made, I read something on Yahoo! DIY that disabuses me of that notion. I’ll see randomly capitalized words (like fall and holiday), common idioms screwed up by the use of the wrong preposition (the expression is set foot in), and of course the ever-popular it’s for what should be its:

fall time diy

This is not impossible, but it should be:

fall time diy 2

Opposed to pasta? You may be antipasta. You also may be anti-spell-checker and anti-punctuation:

fall time diy 3

(That’s the first time I’ve encountered a misspelled antipasto. Who doesn’t love a good misspelling?)

And I’m totally looking forward to a new dish involving the mysterious slided tomato; there’s apparently a reipe for the tomoato concoction:

fall time diy 4

Have we seen every error that could possibly be made in the English language? Hardly.

Whether you’re channeling your inner editor…

or your grammar nazi, you’re sure to be appalled by this homophonic horror from Yahoo! Style:

your channeling style


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