Not to knock your writing, but…

Not to knock Yahoo! Style, but I think the quality of its content would be greatly improved if it were written by people actually familiar with English:

knock against style

Maybe if they employed college graduates familiar with common idioms and with using Google to check the spelling of characters (like, say, Maleficent), the writing wouldn’t be so amateurish. And if their writers knew that one of five “women” is actually a one-year-old baby, another is a doll, and another is a Lego figure, the word choices might be also be a bit more accurate.

I guess I really was knocking Yahoo! Style.

It’s not a bum rap

Yahoo! Style writers will soon have a reputation for being the worst professional writers on the Net. And it’s not a bum rap. It’s well deserved:

bum wrap diy

This is a bum wrap:

bum wrap 2

An undeserved negative reputation is a bum rap. That’s something entirely different.

Also entirely different are hit the town (which means to party, usually implying some bar-hopping) and hit town (which means to arrive).

One one, one and too many

It just takes one one to make it one one too many on the Yahoo! front page:

fp one one

And just one and to make it one and too many:

fp and and

Can the headline be saved?

I haven’t been to Olive Garden in decades. I haven’t been to the Olive Garden ever. So, is it just me or is the superfluous (nay, wrong) in this headline on

fp the olive garden

Will be today’s be the worst

Yes, it is confusing, isn’t it. But here’s something just as confusing on Yahoo! Music:

next yearfs be music

The writer meant “the pop star will be next year’s main attraction” or “the pop star will be the main attraction.” Or something else. You decide.

Time to go, to go

It’s time to go, to go. You’re just two words too many on the Yahoo! front page:

fjp to go to go to

I would decline the honer

If this was meant to honor Stevie Nicks and I were the singer, I’d say “no thanks, Yahoo! Style.”

stevie nicks style

I’m not impressed by a writer who doesn’t know how to hyphenate 66-year-old. Who doesn’t care about repeated words. And who is too lazy to look up the actual name of Ms. Nicks’ song. (It’s “Rhiannon.”) Apparently the writer thinks flapper and goth are worthy of capital letters, but honor isn’t worth a spell-check.

This is not an honor. It’s an insult to the subject and to the readers.

Much like others

This mess on the Yahoo! front page is much like others, except there’s more of it:

fp nationals

Somebody thought that Nationals needs an apostrophe to show that it was the Nationals’ exit, but somebody thought it doesn’t. Somebody thought that repeating a word is OK; the rest of the world thinks it isn’t. And somebody thought that much like 2012 was the same as much like in 2012, but it isn’t.

Writer swears she’s a not a great proofreader

If a writer for the Yahoo! front page swears she’s not a great proofreader, I’d have to believe her. Based on the evidence, of course:

fp shes a not a

It’s either too many words or the wrong word

Sometimes when faced with a headline like this one on Yahoo! News, I can’t tell if there’s an extra word or an incorrect word. But I’m sure of this: It makes no sense.

until october news

What does that headline mean? You pick:

  • Judge won’t make final ruling on Stockton bankruptcy until late October
  • Judge to make final ruling on Stockton bankruptcy in late October
  • Nobody proofreads headlines at Yahoo!.

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