Do I repeat repeat myself?

Would you have spotted the repeated word word here on the Yahoo! front page:

fp at at

or here here?

fp in the in the

First time in a dorm? Don’t bother with this

Only students who’ve lived in a dormitory (and who are headed back to a dorm) need read this article described on

fp headed back

So, if you’re going to be a freshman, living in a dorm for the first time, look elsewhere for advice.

(It’s interesting how a little word like back can change the meaning of that sentence.)

It’s not what you think

Thinking men and women everywhere will recognize an extra word on that totally screws up a common idiom:

fp the thinking men

Correct word usage is for the thinking man and woman; it is appreciated by thinking men and women.

Readers urge employer to demand writer resign

If a writer is so unfamiliar with the English language that he or she thinks this is correct, what should the management at do?

fp demand to resign

Readers might demand the writer resign for sticking in an unnecessary (and wrong) preposition.

Readers land arrive at familiar conclusion

Every day readers of Yahoo! News arrive at the same conclusion: This site needs a proofreader!

land arrive news

More head-scratching

This sentence from Yahoo! Music is more head-scratching than edifying:

more rather than music

There’s at least one word too many here. I just don’t know which word is unnecessary:

These images are more head-scratching rather than head-banging.


These images are more head-scratching rather than head-banging.

Because a joint interview separately is just silly

I am indebted to Yahoo! Celebrity for explaining that two people had a joint interview together. I guess doing a joint interview separately would present a logistical challenge:

joint together omg

Sill, you can’t help noticing

Sometimes, when I read something on Yahoo! Celebrity, I can’t help wondering if the writer is familiar with basic English idioms, like this:

rent 1

Actually, the Kardashians have been renting a home; the owner of the home has been renting out the home.

There are some mistakes I can overlook. Still, I can’t help noticing the typos:

rent 2

and the missing apostrophe in what should be Kardashians’:

rent 3

and at least one word too many here:

rent 4

Can you overlook errors like these?

Someone didn’t get the memo

The folks over at Yahoo! News claim that they follow the Associated Press style by referring to the country in the news as Ukraine, and not the Ukraine. It looks like someone at the Yahoo! front page didn’t get the memo:

fp the ukraine

Ron Howard, Jay Z unconscious?

If Ron Howard and Jay Z came to together, were they both unconscious? Passed out drunk? Comatose? What happened to the men and why doesn’t Yahoo! Music give us the details? I want details!

come to together


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