Getting the Values Voter Summit wrong

If you saw this on the Yahoo! front page, you might think these GOP politicians will be attending the Values Voters Summit:

fp vvs

But you would be wrong, just as the writer is wrong. It’s the Values Voter Summit. Where did the writer get the idea that it was Voters? Perhaps from Yahoo! News, which also got it wrong:

vvs news

Cuckoo coconut water advice

Anyone looking for advice on nutrition should steer clear of Yahoo! Health. Recommending a coconut water that supplies 70 calories in a 1-ounce serving (is that a thimbleful?) doesn’t seem like sound advice:

coconut water health

Most coconut waters have about 70 calories in a serving size that’a considerably bigger, by about 13 ounces.

Sometimes the bear gets you…

… and sometimes you get the bear claw. Cops and doughnuts go together like jelly and a bear claw, according to the culinary geniuses at Yahoo! News:

bear claw news

If you know anything about the pastry known as the bear claw, you know that it doesn’t contain jelly. So, I guess that means that cops and doughnuts are “about as intertwined” as apples and truck tires. Meaning, not at all.

I just have to say it

I just have to say it: This is horrible. Atrocious. An embarrassment to the writer, Yahoo! Style, and all of Yahoo!:


It’s amazing the number and severity of errors one writer can make in a single sentence. First let me warn anyone who might be tempted to click on the first link. Don’t bother. It doesn’t have an actual URL behind it; you’ll just get an error.

Then let’s just say that apostrophes (especially when they face the wrong direction) are no substitute for actual quotation marks, which is what I think Yahoo! uses to delineate titles of TV shows.

How lazy a writer do you have to be to neglect to look up the name of the dancer in a YouTube video? Her name is Maddie Ziegler.

If by “empty rooms” the writer means rooms containing furniture, pictures on the wall, and curtains at the windows, then yes, the rooms are empty.

If these jaw-dropping errors are what we can expect to see in the future on the new Yahoo! Style, then I’ll be hanging out somewhere else — at a site that employs real writers with some measure of integrity and pride in their work.

Shocking election news from Kansas

According to the ever-reliable, there will be no Democrats on ballots in Kansas. (OK, so the writer actually said “in Kan. ballots,” but I’m trying to be compassionate and understanding about the use of the incorrect preposition since many English-language learners have difficulty with prepositions.)

fp no dem

How in the heck did that happen?! Quite simple. The writer is wrong and possibly impaired by an illegal substance. As of today, some Kansas ballots will not have a Democratic candidate for Senate.

Nothing says ‘I don’t give a crap’ like umf

There’s lots of bad writing on the Internet, even by paid professionals. And when they don’t give a crap about their writing, you’ll likely see factual errors, misspellings, and incorrect word choices. That’s what I was thinking when I read this on Yahoo! Travel:

breakfast travel 1

This is allegedly about something called “Hearty Eggs,” but nothing could be further from the truth. It’s really about haggis. It’s clear the writer was a tad confused about her subject, just as she was confused about the difference between further and farther, the word that refers to real, physical distance.

But nothing says “I don’t give a sh*t” like umf, which I take to be a lazy writer’s attempt at oomph. Umf is not a word, but it is an abbreviation and according to the Urban Dictionary it means “ugly motherf***er,” which I don’t think the writer meant. Although if she reads this, she may be thinking that.

Not a geography expert?

Not the winner of the National Geographic Bee, but still think you got what it takes to write about places around the world? No worries! You can write for the Yahoo! front page, where knowledge of geography (or just about any subject) is not required:

fp cabo

Even if you think that there’s a town named Cabo in a Mexican state called San Lucas, you could work at Imagine how far you’d get if you actually know that the city is Cabo San Lucas.

Maybe you should learn to read first

Before attempting to become a professional writer, make sure you can read. It makes things a lot easier for you and helps ensure the accuracy of what you write. I’m thinking that if the writer for Yahoo! Style were a better reader, she might not have mistaken the word married for met:

married met style

I guess it’s possible that the writer just couldn’t hold that many words in her brain when it came time to type the quotation. That’s possible. I guess.

If only there were a way…

If only there were a way the writers for Yahoo! Music could verify the title of an album — like a picture of the cover. That way, they might actually get the title correct —  without any extra words:

in keeping 1

I guess there’s just no way to check the title. And that all the folks at Yahoo! really think the album title includes the word the:

in keeping 2

The most irresponsible news site on the Web

Anyone looking for accurate news should steer clear of Yahoo! News. The so-called news site has made one of the most irresponsible — and completely inaccurate — claims concerning the case of a shooting of an unarmed 18-year-old African American by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. According to Yahoo!, there is a previously undiscovered video of the victim raising his hands in the air:

ferg news 1

If that were true, it would be critical evidence in a case that has rocked the entire nation.

Long-time readers of Terribly Write know that anything reported by Yahoo! should be considered suspect. The actual article, written by the Associated Press (a more reliable source that Yahoo!’s “journalists”) tells a different story:

ferg news 2


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