Don’t look here for medical info

Yahoo! Health has gotten a makeover! This is supposed to be an improvement, I suppose, over its previous incarnation. But is the content any better? If you’re seeking accurate information about health that’s also well-written, I suggest you look elsewhere. Here’s what I found in just the first article I tried to read:

wiki health 1

The verb fess, derived from the verb confess, is not considered a contraction of confess. It’s just fess; no apostrophe required.

I thought the name of this journal was a little odd; that’s because the real name is the “Journal of Medical Internet Research.” And that claim that 90 percent of medical information on Wikipedia is inaccurate? That’s wrong, too.

wiki health 2

The truth is that a study of Wikipedia information on ten common medical issues revealed that nine of the ten articles contained an error. NOT 90 percent of all medical information. That’s a huge difference and one that illustrates the writer’s inability to grasp a simple fact.

If the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (which for some strange reason is italicized) is a government website, that’s news to me. I’m sure it’s also news to ACOG:

wiki health 3

Looking for accurate health and medical information? Follow the writer’s advice and try WebMD.

Sorry, Charlie, but that’s wrong

Any sashimi lover knows the yellowfin tuna. So, I can only assume that the writers for the Yahoo! front page are more StarKist tuna types:

fp yelllowfish

That’s enough to make me angry

When I see an error as egregious as this one on the Yahoo! front page, I can get really riled up:

fp mutual

If you’re angry, too, perhaps we can bond over our shared outrage. I know I get really pissed off when I read something written by a paid professional who doesn’t know the meaning of a simple word like mutual. If two people have a mutual dislike, then they dislike each other. It does not mean that they dislike the same thing.

I’m a writer, not a mathematician!

Proving once again that Yahoo! writers aren’t adept at mathematics — or even basic arithmetic — the writer for Yahoo! Sports can’t seem to figure out if $3.5 million is more or less than $3.495 million:

5000 more sports

Mr. Tomlinson bought his home for $3.5 million. It is listed for an amount that’s $5,000 LESS than he paid for it.

John Kerry would be surprised

I’m sure Secretary of State John Kerry would be surprised with this “fact” from Yahoo! News:

governor news

John Kerry was never governor of Massachusetts. He was lieutenant governor, but is  more widely known as a former senator from Massachusetts. It’s just one more example of why you should never trust what you read from Yahoo!’s “journalists.”

What the Redskins didn’t lose

Beware of anything you read on Yahoo! News. If you’re reading this article, you might think that the Washington Redskins lost six patents and some copyright protection:

patents copyright news

That’s simply untrue. The team lost trademarks and therefore, trademark protection. The writer has confused patents, copyrights, and trademarks, treating them as if they were synonymous. They are not.

They really do think it’s 2015

The folks at Yahoo! seemed a little confused yesterday when they announced income numbers for 2015. Lest you think that the error is just the result of a writer going rogue, there’s additional evidence on Yahoo! Movies that Yahoo!ers have no idea what year it is:

next summer 2016 movies

That’s unbelievable!

Here are two reasons I’d never believe anything I read on Yahoo! Travel. The first is something every American should know:

ellis island beauty

The Statue of Liberty never struck a pose on Ellis Island. She first appeared on Bedloe’s Island, which was later renamed Liberty Island, where she remains.

That normally would be enough for me to threaten to poke out my eyes with a number 2 pencil. But, I continued reading the article, which is purportedly about American models of the past. So, how did the writer screw up Peggy Moffitt’s name so badly — every freakin’ time she mentioned her?

name moffatt beauty

Here’s what I think: The writer is so damned sure of her superior knowledge that she didn’t bother to look up any facts. And without an editor to do a little fact-checking, you get an article like this.

News Flash! Yahoo predicts new jobs in 2015!

In a stunning act of prescience, predicts the number of jobs to be added in the first half of next year:

fp 2015

Bucking up

Why would anyone want to be a bucking bronco? I have no idea, but the writer Yahoo! Travel seems to think those people exist:

broncos travel

It is possible, I suppose, that the writer has no idea what a bucking bronco is. A bucking bronco is not a person who rides a horse. It is the horse:


Do you think this vocabulary-challenged writer meant buckaroo?


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