Pierce Brosnan’s agent is in the pink of health

In his latest movie, Pierce Brosnan plays an agent in the pink of health. We have Yahoo! Movies to thank for this news of the rougish character:

rougish movies

Silly me. I thought he played a rogue in that film.

Were you around the bend when you wrote that?

Some day, perhaps in the next millennium, Yahoo! will hire writers who are familiar with English and common idioms in English. Until that time, writers like this one for Yahoo! Celebrity will continue to leave us pointing and laughing:

bend omg

The idiom around the bend means crazy or insane. It does not mean around the corner.

8-year-old becomes youngest man alive

How did an 8-year-old become the youngest man alive? By appearing in a headline on Yahoo! Shine:

8-yr-old man shine

That don’t look right. Somebody made a boo-boo: Either the 8-year-old was a boy or there’s a digit missing in the man’s age.

Jay Z gets a little more and Justin Bieber gets off a bus

Yahoo! Music is just full of breaking news. It starts with rapper Jay Z, who removed the hyphen from his name a year ago. But if we are to believe the music experts at Yahoo!, he’s put it back in:

jay-z music hp

And in other music news, Justin Bieber gets off a bus:

debus music hp

And I thought it was totally accidental

Imagine that! A multimillion-dollar house with a layout that was intentional! Planned, even! And here I thought that it was totally accidental. Thanks, yahoo.com, for clarifying that:

fp intentional

Spiraling out of control

Yahoo! writers have a long and colorful history of using incorrect word. But now it seems like it’s spiraling out of control. In this headline on Yahoo! News the writer thinks it’s a spiral on top of the World Trade Center:

spiral news 1

It’s not. It’s a spire. Do you think that’s just a typo? A brain fart? Nah. I think the writer actually believes it’s the correct word because there’s another one in the very first sentence of the article:

spiral news 2

And even the folks on yahoo.com have been infected with the spiral-for-spire bug:

fp spiral

OK. Here’s the scoop for all you Yahoo! staffers out there: This is a spiral (I borrowed it from Wikipedia):

spiral wiki

And this is a spire (also from Wikipedia). It’s at the top of the WTC:

spire wiki

File this under ‘Very Odd News’

Yahoo! News’ “Odd News” is indeed odd. Extremely odd. Here’s a story about speed dating, but it looks like Steven Spielberg is going around with a triceratops:

pic spielberg

Maybe that’s just a gal wearing a dinosaur-shaped bag on her head. That’s impressive!

That makes no sense

I sense a homophonic error on Yahoo! TV. Could it be that the writer really doesn’t know the difference between a sensor and a person who bleeps out sweary words?

sensors tv

Yup.  I swear that’s the most fucked-up (strike-through courtesy of TW censors) mistake I’ve seen today.

Do I repeat myself? Do I repeat myself?

What are the chances that this paragraph was proofread by someone at Yahoo! TV? What are the chances that this paragraph was proofread by someone at Yahoo! TV? What are the chances that this paragraph was proofread by someone at Yahoo! TV?

repeat tv

headline meaningless words

Here’s a headline from Yahoo! News that’s from the Refrigerator Magnetic School of Writing:

kfc lc news

It looks as if someone threw a handful of random words on magnets onto the front of the Frigidaire. Perhaps a Yahoo! staffer could have taken a few minutes and written an actual headline, with an actual meaning, before publishing this mess.


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