This is a far cry from correct

Is this writer from Yahoo! Style mocking the title of the Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1 movie? Or is she really that bad at copying a word?

monkingjay style

There’s something to be said for a writer who just plugs away at her craft, without concern for using the correct words:

something to be said about

Her ignorance of common idioms is quite astonishing. The result is that her writing is a far cry from acceptable:

a far call style

I don’t think Michael Jackson is enjoying much of anything

Perhaps the writers for the Yahoo! front page know a lot more about the afterlife than I. Perhaps Michael Jackson really is enjoying success, in spite of his passing, and those of us who are unable to communicate with those in the beyond are the poorer for it.

fp dead enjoying

Wonder how the food is

Mmmmm. Delicious restaurants. Makes you wonder how the food is in those eateries. Maybe someone will ask the writer responsible for this headline:

fp delicious restaurants

Dead surfer ordained as priest

The Catholic Church has ordained a man weeks after he died in a surfing accident. That’s what it says on the Yahoo! front page, so it must be true:

fp surfer

Ha! That’s what it says, but it’s not the truth. The man died weeks before he was due to be ordained.

I’ll have ‘Parts of Speech’ for 500, Alex

Is it true that public schools in the U.S. no longer teach grammar and parts of speech? And they haven’t taught those subjects for many years? I don’t know for sure, but that’s my suspicion. I’m practically certain of it when I read something like this on Yahoo! Music:

pronouns music

The writer is referring to on and in, two prepositions. How could they be mistaken for pronouns? It reminds me of the time someone at Yahoo! Sports referred to the word sissies as an adjective. Maybe it’s just sports writers who can’t tell a pronoun from preposition.

That’s brutal!

Lovers of champagne are familiar with the word brut, which means that the sparkling beverage is very dry. So maybe when the writer for Yahoo! DIY extolls the wonders of “wood in its brut form,” she’s referring to very dry wood:

brut diy

Or maybe she thinks she’s being clever and using the French word brut, which means raw or rough. Nah, that can’t be the case; if it were, she’d have set the word in italics.

Literally, another embarrassment

What is it about the word literally that makes Yahoo!’s writers and editors think it doesn’t mean something actually happened or something actually existed? They are literally making themselves look like elementary school dropouts when they write headlines like this:

literally too hot style

The headline writer and the article writer must think that literally is a synonym for figuratively or metaphorically. It is not.

literally too hot style 2

This is literally too hot to handle:

too hot

Talk about garbage!

Did you know … That this little bit of advice from Yahoo! DIY makes absolutely, positively no sense:

drilling holes

Where was I supposed to drill holes? On the bottom of my garbage? Like, on the banana peels and on the bottom of the empty Papa John’s pizza box? Does drilling holes make taking the holes out easier? (Really, I’m seriously trying to find the antecedent of the pronoun them, and it can only be holes.)

No suction? No, sucks.

What do you think it means?

Do you think that Yahoo! DIY will ever employ writers who know the meaning of common English words? If it did, we wouldn’t be wondering what “a sprawling idyll” is. Could it be a really long, long narrative poem? Or a really long, long romantic experience?

idyll diy

Maybe the writer meant “a sprawling idol“:


or “sprawling idle”:


Maybe the writer has no idea what the word means and just liked its sound.

You must be yoking!

I’ve only seen this mistake once before, and of course it was on Yahoo!. This time it appears on Yahoo! DIY:

yolk diy

For the Yahoo! writers and editors, I’ll explain. This is a yolk:

yolk sweater

This is the yoke of a sweater:

yoke sweater


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