Joan Rivers? Almost

The late Joan Rivers is a little less on the Yahoo! front page:

fp joan river

I hope that it’s just a typo and that the writer doesn’t think that the possessive of Rivers is River’s.

Is that Jonah Hill?

It’s not quite Jonah Hill on the home page of Yahoo! Style:

name johah hill style

I was pretty sure the writer meant “Jonah,” but just to be sure, I clicked through to the article, which I didn’t read:

jonah style

Just looking at the dense text was giving me a headache. If a writer can’t be bothered to hit the Enter key once in a while, I can’t be bothered to read her musings.

I think I’ll go take two Advil and go lie down on my new futon.

Here’s a better way to thank someone

You know what would be a better way for the editor in chief of Yahoo! Style to thank someone? Getting his name right:

paul style

This misspelling isn’t even close. The president and publisher is Paul Turcotte. The writer could also show some respect for his readers by employing correct grammar. He should be thanking Mr. Turcotte for “having Gigi and me,” not “Gigi and I.”

Ariana Grande getting grander

Ariana Grande got a little larger with the addition of a random letter on Yahoo! Music:

arianda music

I’m almost embarrassed for you

I’m almost embarrassed for the writer for who’s responsible for misspelling Renée Zellweger’s name and for repeating a word:

fp zellwegger

Giving CeeLo a little space

It’s no biggie. Just a little extra space in CeeLo’s name on the Yahoo! front page:

fp cee lo

It’s just one more example of Yahoo! writers refusing to accept that they’re not the greatest spellers in the English-speaking (or any) world.

Don’t let accuracy stand in your way

Sometimes when you’re in a hurry to post the latest news story, you have to be willing to make some compromises. That’s what I think they do at the Yahoo! front page. And the compromise they’re willing to make: Misspelling the name of an article’s subject, in this case, James Jeffords:

fp jefford

I guess it could be worse: They could have called him Jame Jefford.

Not a good place for a typo

The worst place to make a typo is probably in a headline, where everyone can see it — everyone except the people who work on Yahoo! Celebrity:


A rather poor attempt

It’s a rather poor attempt on Yahoo! Sports to spell Elliott Fry’s name. Oh, and to spell attempts. I guess that’s two rather poor attempts.

ellott fry sports

That’s news to Justice Ginsburg

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, U.S. Supreme Court justice, would probably be surprised to know that she’s been misspelling her name for years. Here’s how the folks at Yahoo! News prefer to spell it:

ginsberg news


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