Kim who?

Everyone on the planet has heard of Kim Kardashian — everyone except the writer for

fp kardishian

I suppose this could be a simple typo, since the I key is right next to the A key. Never mind.

You think they’re fed up?

Two stars with the Colorado Rockies are fed up with losing. I wonder if the writers for the Yahoo! front page are fed up with being featured on Terribly Write. Here we go again, with a misspelled Gonzalez and a mismatch of the singular neither with the plural verb want:

fp gonazlez

A better tribute

You know what would be a better tribute to Rowden on the Yahoo! front page? Spelling his wife’s name,  Leizl, correctly:

fp leizel

Do you mean the department store?

Dillard’s is a department store chain in the U.S. Did it go on a honeymoon with Jill Duggar? Maybe the Yahoo! Shine writer responsible for this headline can tell us:

dillards shine

That’s unbelievable!

Here are two reasons I’d never believe anything I read on Yahoo! Travel. The first is something every American should know:

ellis island beauty

The Statue of Liberty never struck a pose on Ellis Island. She first appeared on Bedloe’s Island, which was later renamed Liberty Island, where she remains.

That normally would be enough for me to threaten to poke out my eyes with a number 2 pencil. But, I continued reading the article, which is purportedly about American models of the past. So, how did the writer screw up Peggy Moffitt’s name so badly — every freakin’ time she mentioned her?

name moffatt beauty

Here’s what I think: The writer is so damned sure of her superior knowledge that she didn’t bother to look up any facts. And without an editor to do a little fact-checking, you get an article like this.

There’s more to Landon Donovan

Someone please tell me how this spelling of Donovan got past the eagle-eyed crew at

fp donvovan

Are you qualified to write about travel?

What does it take to be a writer for Yahoo! Travel? Not much, if this article is any indication.

You don’t need to know how to spell. You can commit the absolute worst misspelling of hors d’oeuvres in the entire universe and still be employed:

hour 1

And you don’t need to know anything about punctuation. Just throw some commas around as if L’Espalier were the only restaurant on Boylston Street, and hope that nobody realizes that you didn’t tell them where Boylston Street is. (It’s in Boston.)

Should you know that they’re the Great Smoky Mountains? Not necessarily:

hour 2

Do you need to know that a hyphen is required in the compound adjective 4,200-acre? Nope:

hour 3

Should you know how to spell Tom Colicchio? Nah.

hour 4

What does it take to write for Yahoo!?

I don’t even want to think about it

I’m focusing on the misspelling of Shailene Woodley’s name and the smashed up crime stopper so that I don’t have to think about what this headline means:

name woodly shine

Thanks, Yahoo! Shine, this is going to give me nightmares.

Once is a typo

Misspell Shia LaBeouf’s name once, I might call it a typo. Do it twice, I call it a misspelling. And it appears on the Yahoo! front page:

fp shia

Wording for which to avoid

Oh, sweet Jesus. What happened to the writer for Yahoo! Beauty? Did she get caught up in the whole “never end a sentence with a preposition” myth? Is that the cause for this tortured and twisted statement?

choc beauty 1

Not that she couldn’t have written it without ending with a preposition: …sweet to reach for after dinner. Maybe she was trying to avoid two prepositions together. That might be a grammar myth I’ve never heard of.

Sigh. What can you expect from a writer who has interviewed Patricia Bannan and can’t get her name right here:

choc beauty 2

or here:

choc beauty 3

or here:

choc beauty 4

That kinda puts the kibosh on the credibility of the whole article, doesn’t it?


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