Drinking on the job?

It looks like someone at yahoo.com has been sipping on the Thanksgiving sherry while on the job:

fp thankgiving

From a complete nonsense of a non-sentence (a verb in there would be helpful and comparing Hannah and Charlie Brown to unforgettable feasts defies logic) to misspelling Thanksgiving, this has all the hallmarks of the work of an imbibing scribbler.

Time to end thanksgiving tukey

We should all be thankful that it will be another year before we can expect to see a lowercase Thanksgiving from Yahoo! DIY:

thanksgiving wreath diy

and a misspelled turkey:

tukey diy

Oh! Naturel!

Oh, those wacky writers at the Yahoo! front page! There they go again trying to sound all sophisticated with their attempts at French:

fp au natural

The expression is au naturel; it’s an adjective and it means “in a natural state.” Just because natural is part of its definition, don’t assume it’s part of its spelling.

Daryl Dixon and a Ziploc bag

If you mean Daryl Dixon, the character from “The Walking Dead,” and Ziploc, the trademarked plastic zipper storage bag, then learn to spell them correctly. If you don’t, you’ll wind up looking like a graduate of the Yahoo School of Journalism:

fp ziplock

Your readers are sure to eat this up

You’re sure to impress your readers with a misspelled word and a contraction when a possessive pronoun is called for. Do them both in a single sentence and you could qualify for a job at Yahoo! DIY:

reptillian youre diy

Did you know…

Did you know that you can look really ignorant, careless, or worse when you misspell a word on a professional website like Yahoo! DIY?

deterrant diy

You would think that public embarrassment would be enough of a deterrent to prevent mistakes like this. But no, the author of this handy tip (and example of what not to do) is actually the editor in chief of Yahoo! DIY and she clearly doesn’t care.

This is a far cry from correct

Is this writer from Yahoo! Style mocking the title of the Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1 movie? Or is she really that bad at copying a word?

monkingjay style

There’s something to be said for a writer who just plugs away at her craft, without concern for using the correct words:

something to be said about

Her ignorance of common idioms is quite astonishing. The result is that her writing is a far cry from acceptable:

a far call style

If only there were a way …

In this episode of “If Only There Were a Way to Check Spelling” we see that the writer of headlines for Yahoo! Music can’t figure out how to spell Nickelback. Maybe he could use a picture of a Nickelback album? That might help.

nickelback music

Trying for an entry in the OED?

If a word gets widespread use, it just might end up in the Oxford English Dictionary. Or maybe just the Urban Dictionary. That might be the incentive behind this made-up word on the Yahoo! front page here:

fp homebuying 2

and here:

fp homebuying

Although homebuyer is a word you’ll find in the American Heritage Dictionary, you won’t find homebuying. At least not yet.


This has got to be the funniest misspelling of hosiery I’ve ever seen. In fact, it’s probably the only misspelling of hosiery I’ve ever seen. Leave it to Yahoo! Style to come up with unique goofs:

hoisery style


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