Pilfering rolls?

Inquiring minds ask the folks at Yahoo! Style: Hot dog or hamburger buns? Just what kind of buns were stolen?

buns of steal style

If you’re referring to Coco Chanel’s derrière, then they’re likely buns of steel.

That’s how babies should be

I don’t even want to think about the alternative to introducing a baby to a cohost live:

fp live

It’s just too ghastly. Perhaps if the writer for the Yahoo! front page had mentioned that the introduction took place on live TV, the image in my brain would be different.

Maybe you should just give up

OK, so here’s one fail. Do you think the writer for Yahoo! Beauty will try another 18 times before succeeding in spelling perseverance?

perserverance beauty

No, because if you don’t know that you’ve failed, you’re not going to keep trying because you think you’ve already succeeded. That’s what’s known as delusional.

He was not butt naked

His tush may have been exposed, but that doesn’t mean he was butt naked. Maybe he was buck-naked and maybe the editor in chief for Yahoo! Style is unfamiliar with the idiom:

butt naked style

There’s some controversy swirling around these two expressions, but it seems that the use of buck-naked preceded butt naked by several decades. Some claim that they’re both correct slang, but only for informal writing. Edited writing (which clearly Yahoo! Style is not) shows many, many more instances of buck-naked than butt naked. If you’re concerned about looking absolutely, totally, 100% correct, use stark-naked.

Just hangin’ out

I was hangin’ out over at Yahoo! Style, reading about Parisian restaurants when I almost spit out my nonfat, sugar-free vanilla latte:

hangar steak tr

Did the writer think that the steak sits around in those Quonset hut-like shelters for planes? The hanger steak gets its name because it hangs from the diaphragm of the steer, not because it hangs out at an airport.

Fewer mistakes would be better

What’s better than less mistakes? Fewer mistakes. Since the mistakes on Yahoo! Sports are countable (if you can count that high), then the correct word is fewer:

less mistakes sports hp

If you’re referring to something that has a plural or is countable, use fewer: fewer headaches, fewer students, fewer embarrassments.

If you’re referring to something that typically doesn’t have a plural (like rain, music, money) or an amount of something that isn’t countable, use less: less snow, less time, less money.

It’s just an estimate

I guess this event will be starting at an estimated time of 2 PM. Or maybe an established time of 2 PM:

est style 2

In my estimation, the writers for Yahoo! Style have no idea what the abbreviation for Eastern Standard Time is. Here’s a hint, it doesn’t include a period.

You write the top, I’ll write the bottom

In this episode of “You Write the Top, I’ll Write the Bottom” from the Yahoo! front page, we witness the confusion over the use of the hyphen:

fp home-run trot

It seems that the person writing the top of this module thinks home run doesn’t require a hyphen, even when used as an adjective. But the person responsible for the bottom part, thinks it needs a hyphen. Maybe a little communication between the two is in order. (Of course, I’m assuming that two people are responsible for this inconsistency; I can’t imagine one person making a mistake like that.)

This is really scary

This is a really scary mistake on the Yahoo! front page. If it represents the quality of education today’s “journalists” have had, then the U.S. is in serious trouble. According to the writers, the president said that mistrust of police scares “the hearts of our children”:

fp scaring

Here’s what the president actually said:


Mistakes like that are frightening and are scaring me while the damage is scarring the language.

Error overload

Every day I am astonished by the apparent ignorance of the writers at Yahoo!. Do they not know the most basic words in English? Here’s one of the more hilarious examples from yahoo.com, one of the busiest pages on the Web:

fp overload

Now there are millions of people reading this and some of them may think that an overload is a human being with power over others, similar to an overlord.


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