Separatists separated

Looks like the separatists have been separated from a couple of letters on the Yahoo! front page:

fp separists

If only…

If only there were a way that a writer for Yahoo! News could verify the name of an airline. I’m thinking something like a photograph of a plane showing the name of the airline. If there was such a thing, we might not see errors like this misspelling of Malaysia Airlines:

malaysian news

Something’s brewin’

Something’s amiss in this excerpt from Yahoo! Movies:

milwaukie movies

There is a city named Milwaukie and it probably has breweries, but it’s in Oregon. The Brewers in Major League Baseball play in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Extreme makeover: Yahoo edition

This calls for a makeover. No one went to extremes in proofreading this headline on the Yahoo! front page:

fp extemes

Kim who?

Everyone on the planet has heard of Kim Kardashian — everyone except the writer for

fp kardishian

I suppose this could be a simple typo, since the I key is right next to the A key. Never mind.

That’s the real gaffe

Is it possible to make a worse gaffe than this one from the Yahoo! front page?

fp gaff

This is a gaff:

gaff pic

The mistake or misjudgment is a gaffe.

You think they’re fed up?

Two stars with the Colorado Rockies are fed up with losing. I wonder if the writers for the Yahoo! front page are fed up with being featured on Terribly Write. Here we go again, with a misspelled Gonzalez and a mismatch of the singular neither with the plural verb want:

fp gonazlez

Where’s that?

Where would you find Jersusalem? On the Yahoo! front page:

fp jersusalem

No bones about it: This is wrong

It’s a national holiday in the U.S., so maybe the people writing for aren’t the usual employees. Maybe they’re not even English-language speakers (or writers). And they’re probably unfamiliar with words derived from Latin. So, I’ll be charitable with this egregious mistake:

fp vertebrae

How the heck did the writer get the idea that a single bone in the spine was a vertebrae? Huh? Tell me that. A single bone is a vertebra; multiple bones are vertebrae (or vertebras).

A better tribute

You know what would be a better tribute to Rowden on the Yahoo! front page? Spelling his wife’s name,  Leizl, correctly:

fp leizel


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