Maybe you should just give up

OK, so here’s one fail. Do you think the writer for Yahoo! Beauty will try another 18 times before succeeding in spelling perseverance?

perserverance beauty

No, because if you don’t know that you’ve failed, you’re not going to keep trying because you think you’ve already succeeded. That’s what’s known as delusional.

I came, I saw, I misspelled

Reading this on Yahoo! Finance, you might think this is a careless typo:

ceasars palace finance 2

That was my view until I watched the video. Then my opinion of the mistake is somewhat less charitable:

ceasars palace finance

It’s not the first time Yahoo! staffers have misspelled Caesar. They’ve been rather creative in the spelling, including Cesar and Cesear.

Did stubbornness lead to error?

Did the writer’s stubbornness and refusal to spell-check this headline lead to a misspelling on tYahoo! Sports?

stubborness sports

Is that the back of a credit card?

If you turn your Visa card over, do you see its versa? So, behind every great credit card is a great versa. And vice versa. Or whatever:

visa versa health

And behind this paragraph from Yahoo! Health is one very embarrassed writer (one hopes).

Befriending Amanda Seyfried

Those great writers at Yahoo! Celebrity have befriended Amanda Seyfried with an extra character:

seyfriend celeb

Nothing says ‘I don’t give a crap’ like umf

There’s lots of bad writing on the Internet, even by paid professionals. And when they don’t give a crap about their writing, you’ll likely see factual errors, misspellings, and incorrect word choices. That’s what I was thinking when I read this on Yahoo! Travel:

breakfast travel 1

This is allegedly about something called “Hearty Eggs,” but nothing could be further from the truth. It’s really about haggis. It’s clear the writer was a tad confused about her subject, just as she was confused about the difference between further and farther, the word that refers to real, physical distance.

But nothing says “I don’t give a sh*t” like umf, which I take to be a lazy writer’s attempt at oomph. Umf is not a word, but it is an abbreviation and according to the Urban Dictionary it means “ugly motherf***er,” which I don’t think the writer meant. Although if she reads this, she may be thinking that.

Awful timing for typo

It’s an awful time and place to misspell Heisman, but it’s not surprising that it’s on

fp hesiman

I almost dozed off reading this

If the sleep aid for geeks involves a dose of Ambien, then maybe they’ll be dozing off sooner rather than later. Perhaps that’s what the writer for Yahoo! Movies took just before writing this:

dosing movies

Setting back gender equality by decades

At a time when real journalists refer to the late Joan Rivers as a comedian and male and female thespians as actors, why would the writer for Yahoo! Style make a sorry attempt at referring to Anna Wintour as an editrix?

editirix style

I guess if you don’t know if your boss is an editor, editor in chief, or editor-in-chief, you don’t know that a female editor is an editor.

Here’s a better way to thank someone

You know what would be a better way for the editor in chief of Yahoo! Style to thank someone? Getting his name right:

paul style

This misspelling isn’t even close. The president and publisher is Paul Turcotte. The writer could also show some respect for his readers by employing correct grammar. He should be thanking Mr. Turcotte for “having Gigi and me,” not “Gigi and I.”


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