Unusually rare occurrence

Sadly, misspellings are not an unusually rare occurrence on the Yahoo! front page:

fp occurence

Too young to remember Joanie and Chachi?

Is the writer for yahoo.com too young to remember Joanie and Chachi from “Happy Days” and its spinoff “Joanie Loves Chachi”?

fp jonie

Does that explain the writer’s inability to spell Joanie? Or is there another reason?

Separatists separated

Looks like the separatists have been separated from a couple of letters on the Yahoo! front page:

fp separists

You write the top, I’ll write the bottom

In this episode of “You Write the Top, I’ll Write the Bottom,” we find one writer on yahoo.com writing about a PhD dietitian (whatever that means), and another writing about dieticians:

fp dietician

The preferred spelling in the American Heritage Dictionary is dietitian, although dietician is acceptable. What’s not acceptable? Using both spellings.

Something’s brewin’

Something’s amiss in this excerpt from Yahoo! Movies:

milwaukie movies

There is a city named Milwaukie and it probably has breweries, but it’s in Oregon. The Brewers in Major League Baseball play in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Looking for the U.S. version of Yahoo?

I thought I was reading the U.S. version of Yahoo! until I read this on Yahoo! Sports:

honours sports

That spelling of honors is what you’d find on the other side of the Atlantic. That’s among several words on Yahoo! that are chiefly British, but on a site for a U.S. audience. Like this:

amongst sports

According to the blog for Oxford Dictionaries:

Many authorities (such as “Garner’s Modern American Usage”) and language blogs state that, in US English, amongst is now seen as old-fashioned, and even “pretentious”. If you are a US English speaker, therefore, and you don’t want to come across to your audience as out of date or, heaven forbid, linguistically la-di-da, then it’s advisable to opt for among.

Extreme makeover: Yahoo edition

This calls for a makeover. No one went to extremes in proofreading this headline on the Yahoo! front page:

fp extemes

Kim who?

Everyone on the planet has heard of Kim Kardashian — everyone except the writer for yahoo.com:

fp kardishian

I suppose this could be a simple typo, since the I key is right next to the A key. Never mind.

Having troible proofreading?

Geez. We know that the writers and editors at Yahoo! have trouble proofreading, by which I mean they do not proofread. So, you’d think that the Internet giant would at least provide them with a spell-checker. At least one error on Yahoo! Music could be eliminated:

troibled music

A spell-checker would have spit out troibled, but wouldn’t have identified the missing words. That’s for the reader to provide.

That’s the real gaffe

Is it possible to make a worse gaffe than this one from the Yahoo! front page?

fp gaff

This is a gaff:

gaff pic

The mistake or misjudgment is a gaffe.


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