Your readers are sure to eat this up

You’re sure to impress your readers with a misspelled word and a contraction when a possessive pronoun is called for. Do them both in a single sentence and you could qualify for a job at Yahoo! DIY:

reptillian youre diy

If only there were a way …

In this episode of “If Only There Were a Way to Check Spelling” we see that the writer of headlines for Yahoo! Music can’t figure out how to spell Nickelback. Maybe he could use a picture of a Nickelback album? That might help.

nickelback music

Trying for an entry in the OED?

If a word gets widespread use, it just might end up in the Oxford English Dictionary. Or maybe just the Urban Dictionary. That might be the incentive behind this made-up word on the Yahoo! front page here:

fp homebuying 2

and here:

fp homebuying

Although homebuyer is a word you’ll find in the American Heritage Dictionary, you won’t find homebuying. At least not yet.


This has got to be the funniest misspelling of hosiery I’ve ever seen. In fact, it’s probably the only misspelling of hosiery I’ve ever seen. Leave it to Yahoo! Style to come up with unique goofs:

hoisery style

Your membership in Editors for Excellence has been canceled

Can’t the folks who write and edit the Yahoo! front page agree on anything? Do they own a dictionary or know how to access a dictionary on that newfangled Internet? Apparently not. Somebody at thinks this is the correct spelling for the past tense of cancel:

fp cancelled 2

and somebody (who knows, maybe the same person!) thinks it’s this:

fp canceled

According to the American Heritage Dictionary (which is the resource they’d find on the Yahoo! network, if they deigned to consult an authority), the preferred spelling is canceled, though cancelled is acceptable. One or the other, guys. Not both.

You must be joshin’

Are you kidding me? The geniuses at the Yahoo! front page can’t get Josh Hutcherson’s name right? How hard were they trying?

fp hucherson

Translated from the French

This may be one of the worst translation from French to English or maybe it’s just a big, fat typo on the Yahoo! front page:

fp paricipated

You write the top, I’ll write the bottom

In this episode of “You Write the Top, I’ll Write the Bottom” we’re confronted with protesters on the Yahoo! front page. And protestors:

fp protestors bot

What gives? Don’t these people talk to each other? Can’t they decide how they’ll spell a word that appears daily on Yahoo!? Here’s a crazy idea: Stick with the spelling that’s shown in a dictionary, preferably a dictionary everyone agrees on. If that’s the American Heritage Dictionary, then the correct spelling is protester.

You write the top, I’ll screw up the bottom

In this episode of “You Write the Top, I’ll Write the Bottom,” we see the results of two writers for the Yahoo! front page who can’t agree on the spelling of a rather important word to a headline:

fp eyeshadow

According to the American Heritage Dictionary, eye shadow is correct (although some dictionaries also allow eyeshadow). But that’s not all! There’s an apostrophe missing in pros: Depending on the number of pros involved, it should be either pro’s tips or pros’ tips.

Why gamble on a misspelling?

Why would writers or editors at gamble on misspelling Procter & Gamble, especially when it’s been shown time and again that they’re know good at remembering how to spell names?

fp proctor

Why wouldn’t they simply copy the company name and past it into the text? Why gamble on misspelling? Oh, yeah, I almost forgot: They don’t care about accuracy.


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