This should have been fixed

Mickey Rourke’s bout was fixed? Big deal. You know what really should have been fixed? This typo on Yahoo! Celebrity:

opponen celeb

Lots of one guest

Just what is the fate of your guest during the holidays? The lots of a guest mentioned on Yahoo! DIY has me wondering:

youre guests diy

Maybe that’s supposed to guests! Yes, that’s the ticket. But now I have to figure out why those folks at Yahoo! said “you are guests.” Are they inviting us all over for a little eggnog?

Where did you get your kids?

Me? I had my kids the old-fashioned way. Pregnancy, hospital, labor, birth, then head home. But for those who don’t want to go through that lengthy process or the ordeal of adoption or surrogacy, there’s another alternative: Store-bought kids! Yes, you, too, can buy a child, according to the genius writer at Yahoo! DIY:

store bought kids diy

Bizarre highlight error

This is just so bizarre. How do mistakes like these on go unnoticed by those eagle-eyed writers and editors?

fp highights

Why it’s so hard to understand Yahoo

Why it’s so hard to understand what’s on The errors and the non sequiturs:

fp indct

If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering what the rest of that teaser, about the victim’s family urging calm, has to do with difficulty indcting a police officer. The answer is easy: Nothing. It has nothing to do with it. It’s just left over from this module, where the brain trust at Yahoo! changed the headline, but neglected to change anything else:

fp indct 2

The worst mistake for the typo-obsessed

Obsessed with finding typos? If so, head on over to Yahoo! Style, where every other headline contains at least one:

obessed style

This is moor or less correct

Somehow this quick-thinking teen study of moors of helped her save a baby’s life. Don’t you just love the good-news features on the Yahoo! front page?

fp heath

Translated from the French

This may be one of the worst translation from French to English or maybe it’s just a big, fat typo on the Yahoo! front page:

fp paricipated

It would be better if the world understands

It would be so much better for everyone if the world understands Mr. Brown’s comment at the U.N. The folks who are responsible for the words on the Yahoo! front page aren’t helping the cause:

fp word

Every article has sported it

It seems that every article on Yahoo! Style has sported at least one typo and a grammatical goof:

ever have style


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