8-year-old becomes youngest man alive

How did an 8-year-old become the youngest man alive? By appearing in a headline on Yahoo! Shine:

8-yr-old man shine

That don’t look right. Somebody made a boo-boo: Either the 8-year-old was a boy or there’s a digit missing in the man’s age.

So, that’s three faces?

Someone with too much time on his hands noticed that Joaquin Phoenix’s face looks a little funny in the movie “Her.” According to Yahoo! Movies, there’s a face in the wrinkles of Mr. Phoenix’s forehead and — believe it or not — the face in the forehead also has a face and a mouth:

forehead movies

So, I pulled out my trusty abacus and figured out that there’s three faces and four mouths. But looking at the typos, I may have underestimated.

Audrey Hepburn would never say that

Yahoo! recently debuted a new site called Yahoo! Beauty. Is the content better written than in other parts of the Yahoo! network? You be the judge:

on your ugly beauty

It looks like the Yahoo!ers can’t even copy a quote correctly. What Audrey Hepburn actually said: Makeup can only make you pretty on the outside, but it doesn’t help if you’re ugly on the inside, unless you eat your makeup.

Extreme makeover: Yahoo edition

This calls for a makeover. No one went to extremes in proofreading this headline on the Yahoo! front page:

fp extemes

Pursing the truth

I imagine a reader  for Yahoo! Sports pursing his lips as he tries to figure out what the heck this means:

pursing sports

While pursuing an answer, he might just stumble on the correct word.

You think they’re fed up?

Two stars with the Colorado Rockies are fed up with losing. I wonder if the writers for the Yahoo! front page are fed up with being featured on Terribly Write. Here we go again, with a misspelled Gonzalez and a mismatch of the singular neither with the plural verb want:

fp gonazlez

Let me beak this down for you

I’m thinking about writing an article on how to proofread. I’d be breaking down proofreading guidelines into manageable tips so that your writing doesn’t look like it belongs on Yahoo! Sports:

beaking down sports

Imagine your readers’ ecstasy when they can read an entire page without stumbling on a misspelling:

ecstacy sports

At least you didn’t call him guv’nor

This could have been so much worse. At least the writer for yahoo.com didn’t use the slang guv’nor:

fp gov

What’s this knuckleballer missing?

I thought I knew something about baseball, particularly pitching. I’ve heard of the split-finger fastball, curve ball, and circle changeup. But I’ve never heard of a kuckleball. But it must be a new pitch because I read about it on the Yahoo! front page:

fp kuckleball

What do you play on a foot court?

This little paragraph from Yahoo! Movies brought back childhood memories for me:

free reign foot court movies

I remember when there were no spell checkers. It was a time when we had to proofread our own writing. I remember, too, a tennis court where we would play tennis. I remember a basketball court where we would play basketball. But I don’t recall a foot court. What would you play there? Footsie? And I remember that when I was given free rein I was allowed to play without restraint.


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