What color is a little black dress?

The editors for Yahoo! Style, who collectively wrote an article about Jennifer Aniston, forgot what the abbreviation LBD means and how to form the plural of LBD:

black lbd style

LBD is short for “little black dress.” Hence, the adjective before LBD is a little redundant. And the plural of the abbreviation doesn’t include an apostrophe.

Holly folly

Recognize the greenery on this gift from Yahoo! DIY?

halo of holly 2

No? Neither did the writer. She thinks it’s holly and she thinks it’s wrapping the present, not merely decorating it:

halo of holly 1

As a bonus (not an added bonus since that’s a tad redundant), I’m going to show you what holly looks like:

holly pic

A friend of the Donald’s?

If Donald Trump is “the Donald” can’t Dick Allen be “the Allen”? Yes, say the folks at the Yahoo! front page.

fp the allens

At least that’s better than calling him “the Dick.”

Do bottle cops enforce recycling?

What is the role of bottle cops in today’s society? Do they make sure you’re recycling that Diet Snapple bottle? Do they monitor the number of ounces in a 12-ounce bottle of Aquafina? Perhaps the answer is locked away in the mind of the Yahoo! DIY editor responsible for this little excerpt:

bottle cops

She might also be able to explain why she put the period after the closing quotation mark, when the standard in the U.S. is before it. And perhaps she’ll tell us if “the humans” is different from “humans” or just plain people. The humans seem to be dumping waste into something that resembles the environment. Maybe we should report them to the bottle cops

Trying to parse it

I’ve been reading and rereading this sentence from Yahoo! Sports, trying to parse it:

cannot not sports

If stardom cannot not protect Mr. Winston, does that mean it can protect him?

What a crock!

This article on Yahoo! DIY has a promising start: The writer, whose title is actually editor, gave the trademarked Crock-Pot its due with capital letters and a hyphen. Then the wheels fell off:

crock pots diy

She has a little trouble with the extraneous them, which was just dropped in for no reason. And more trouble with the pronoun they, which requires a plural antecedent (the object it refers to); there’s just none other than recipes and that makes no sense. Of course, we know she should have used the singular it, referring to Crock-Pot, which is how she should have spelled the trademarked name of the slow cooker.

One of these things is not like the others

One of these items in the list on the Yahoo! front page is not like the other two. Can you tell which one?

fp as

For bonus points, explain why two items begin with the word as and one does not.

Selena and Justin arrive at AMAs live

What are the chances someone from Yahoo! Music checked this caption before it went live? Uh, none:

arrives music

Well, at least we know that Selena and Justin arrived at the AMAs live. Maybe a hearse was just to pricey.

This could have an adverse effect on readers

Maybe if you’re writing for Yahoo! Finance, you have dollars on the brain and hence, use both a dollar sign and the word dollars:

affect fin

One or the other is sufficient, really. Simple mistakes like that could have an adverse effect on your readers.

1 sneaky typo source of typos

OK, so maybe it’s not so sneaky. Maybe it’s right in front of your nose and the nose of all the people at Yahoo! front page who should be proofreading before publishing:

fp sugar


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