Behind the curve, no-holds-barred writing

Oh, lordie. Where does the management at Yahoo! Style find these writers? Do they bother to verify if writers can speak and write in English? Do they check to see if they’re familiar with common idioms? Do they bother to edit their writing? No and no and no. That would be my guess after reading this:

curve ball

The expressions are “behind the curve” and “no holds barred.” This writer is way behind the curve when it comes to writing.

One shopper, many bodies?

Can one person have more than one body? And can a department store survive with only one shopper? These are the questions that have plagued me since reading this on Yahoo! Style:

shoppers style

Do you need a second costume?

So, you already have your Halloween costume. You’re going to your BFF’s party as a slutty slut. But the boss just announced that everyone must come to work in costume on October 31. Your slutty slut is kinda NSFW. You need a second costume! Don’t panic. The creative minds at Yahoo! DIY have ten second costumes; one is sure to be just right:

10 second costumes diy

But wait! There’s more! Each of these costumes can be made in less than a minute. In fact, you might call them “10-Second Costumes.”

What a difference a hyphen makes.

Supporting Taylor Swift’s midriff

Does it take the magic of smoke and mirrors during Taylor Swift’s performances to hold up her midriff? Just wondering what the writer for Yahoo! Style was watching when the rest of the world was watching Ms. Swift’s midriff-baring costumes:

midriff-bearing style

How to sink your career

Your career as a writer for the Yahoo! front page may have just sunk with this grammatical gaffe:

fp sunk

A sunken career can be as hard to raise as a sunken ferry, especially if your downfall is the result of an ability to distinguish between an adjective (like, oh, say, maybe sunken) and a verb (sunk).

That’s a novel definition

I’m restraining myself. I was going to say something snarky about this mistake on Yahoo! Style, but I’ve decided that the writer needs our compassion and not our scorn:

novelists style

Clearly the writer is vocabulary-challenged. Perhaps she is new to English and is still learning the language. We should support her in her efforts by gently pointing out that a novelist writes novels. Hence, the term novelist. And a novel is a work of fiction. None of the women she lists has written a novel and therefore none is a novelist. They have all written books, which were not works of fiction, and they might be described as authors.

It’s Greek to me

Well, no, it’s not Greek. It’s an attempt at French on Yahoo! Celeb and it’s wrong:

jen sais quoi celeb

That’s supposed to be “je ne sais quoi,” which literally means “I know not what,” and figuratively means “I know not what.” It’s used to refer to a quality that is difficult to describe or express.

What are the odds?

What are the odds that a professional writer would use its and mean it’s and use it’s and mean its? If that writer works for Yahoo! DIY, pretty good:

its w wo apos diy

That’s altogether different

You can replace the words all together with altogether and then this would be altogether correct on Yahoo! DIY:

all ltogether diy

If you mean entirely, completely, or utterly, use altogether. It’s altogether different from all together, which refers to members of a group doing something collectively.

Polish this off

How many goofs can you find in this excerpt of an article on Yahoo! DIY?

marbleized diy

Did you notice that “inspired by … paper” modifies “nail polish and water”? Yeah, that was awkward. I’m pretty sure the paper was the inspiration for the project and not for the polish. And then did you see that the writer thinks that is can be an appropriate verb for the plural subject “nail polish and water”? That was ugly.

There’s the misspelled lukewarm (it’s one word, not two), and the instruction to fill the tub halfway. But in the first numbered instruction, she tells us to fill it 3/4 full. Someone is a little confused and that would be the writer. And the reader.


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