This sentence was written in 2014

This sentence was written in 2014 served as an example of what not to do:

fp fordham

What the heck was that? Did the writer for forget a word or use too many words and not enough punctuation? We’ll never know.

That’s not possible

Regardless of what you might read on the Yahoo! front page, it’s simply impossible for a mass murder to wed:

fp murder

I don’t think Michael Jackson is enjoying much of anything

Perhaps the writers for the Yahoo! front page know a lot more about the afterlife than I. Perhaps Michael Jackson really is enjoying success, in spite of his passing, and those of us who are unable to communicate with those in the beyond are the poorer for it.

fp dead enjoying

Trying for an entry in the OED?

If a word gets widespread use, it just might end up in the Oxford English Dictionary. Or maybe just the Urban Dictionary. That might be the incentive behind this made-up word on the Yahoo! front page here:

fp homebuying 2

and here:

fp homebuying

Although homebuyer is a word you’ll find in the American Heritage Dictionary, you won’t find homebuying. At least not yet.

This is moor or less correct

Somehow this quick-thinking teen study of moors of helped her save a baby’s life. Don’t you just love the good-news features on the Yahoo! front page?

fp heath

Your membership in Editors for Excellence has been canceled

Can’t the folks who write and edit the Yahoo! front page agree on anything? Do they own a dictionary or know how to access a dictionary on that newfangled Internet? Apparently not. Somebody at thinks this is the correct spelling for the past tense of cancel:

fp cancelled 2

and somebody (who knows, maybe the same person!) thinks it’s this:

fp canceled

According to the American Heritage Dictionary (which is the resource they’d find on the Yahoo! network, if they deigned to consult an authority), the preferred spelling is canceled, though cancelled is acceptable. One or the other, guys. Not both.

You must be joshin’

Are you kidding me? The geniuses at the Yahoo! front page can’t get Josh Hutcherson’s name right? How hard were they trying?

fp hucherson

Don’t wake the dead

There seems to be a new show on TV that involves dead things and waking them. You can find a link to a recap of the show on the Yahoo! front page:

fp waking dead

Translated from the French

This may be one of the worst translation from French to English or maybe it’s just a big, fat typo on the Yahoo! front page:

fp paricipated

1 sneaky typo source of typos

OK, so maybe it’s not so sneaky. Maybe it’s right in front of your nose and the nose of all the people at Yahoo! front page who should be proofreading before publishing:

fp sugar


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