Kurt Cobain: Great artiss?

Kurt Cobain wasn’t the only great artiss to die to young, according to Yahoo! Music:

artiss music

It’s a veritable gold mine of goofs

How many goofs can you find in this one sentence on the home page of Yahoo! Music?

extra-martial music

I found three: The undercapitalized first word, the hysterically misspelled extramarital, and the mashed-up gold mine.

Where’s that?

Which country is “Orange Country”? I have no idea, no idea at all. Perhaps the writer for Yahoo! Music could enlighten me:

orange country

Could it possibly be that The Colourist, from Orange County, know the rockers from Orange Country?

Arby’s, the Riverdance chain

Arby’s has just been named the Riverdance chain by Yahoo! Music:

fast foot

Riverdance, a theatrical show, is known for the lightning-fast feet of its Irish stepdancers.

Tryin’ to twerk it out

I’m trying to figure out what this alleged sentence on Yahoo! Music is supposed to be telling us:

didnt even to twerk music hp

There’s a word missing. Or there’s one word too many.

Since when?

Since 2001 or 2003 or 2013 — just what year is the writer for Yahoo! Music referring to?

neilson music

It really doesn’t matter, because I don’t trust a writer who manages to misspell Nielsen two ways. He’s creative, but not credible.

What’s in a name?

What’s in a name? If it’s on Yahoo!, most likely a misspelling.

From Yahoo! omg!, this is supposed to be Mark Wahlberg:

name mark walhberg omg

and Nicki Minaj:

name nicky minaj omg

From Yahoo! Shine, this is allegedly Elizabeth Osborne:

degree 3

On Yahoo! TV, this is the writer’s pathetic attempt at Kenan Thompson:

name keenan thompson

Yahoo! Sports offers up this attempt at Jimmie Johnson:

name jimine johnson sports

and Jeremy Lin:

name jermy lin sports

And from Yahoo! Music, this is nearly Eminem:

name emimem music

Not to close to correct

Was the Yahoo! Music writer sitting a little too close to the monitor when writing this?

to close music

A historical mistake

Unless you’re mispronouncing it as “istorical,” then the indefinite article before historical should be a, not an. The H is not silent (at least not in the U.S.), despite what you may read on Yahoo! Music:

an historical music

How many pop stars?

Here’s the thing with typos: Readers may know you’ve made a mistake, but they don’t always know what it is. When you read this on Yahoo! Music, do you think there was more than one pop star and that the word manages should be manage?

pop stars manages

Or do you think that the word manages is correct, and the word stars is the typo?

It’s pretty clear there’s a mistake here on Yahoo! News, but which word is right and which is wrong?

news storms blows

Was it a single storm or multiple storms that blew away?

Actually, in both cases, the verb is correct; its subject is not. It was one pop star (there is only one Miley Cyrus, thank heavens) and one storm.


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