In memoriam the English language

After reading this on Yahoo! News’ “Trending Now,” I think it’s time to establish a memorial Facebook page for the English language:

memoriam news

You won’t find the word memoriam in a dictionary, unless it’s preceded by in. The preposition in memoriam means “in memory of.”

Not ready for the big leagues

I don’t think that the writer for Yahoo! News’ “Odd News” is quite ready for the big leagues of journalism, especially not in sports journalism. Anyone familiar with professional baseball knows about Major League Baseball. It’s a trademark owned by Major League Baseball Properties, Inc.

mlb news

If only…

If only there were a way that a writer for Yahoo! News could verify the name of an airline. I’m thinking something like a photograph of a plane showing the name of the airline. If there was such a thing, we might not see errors like this misspelling of Malaysia Airlines:

malaysian news

Spiraling out of control

Yahoo! writers have a long and colorful history of using incorrect word. But now it seems like it’s spiraling out of control. In this headline on Yahoo! News the writer thinks it’s a spiral on top of the World Trade Center:

spiral news 1

It’s not. It’s a spire. Do you think that’s just a typo? A brain fart? Nah. I think the writer actually believes it’s the correct word because there’s another one in the very first sentence of the article:

spiral news 2

And even the folks on have been infected with the spiral-for-spire bug:

fp spiral

OK. Here’s the scoop for all you Yahoo! staffers out there: This is a spiral (I borrowed it from Wikipedia):

spiral wiki

And this is a spire (also from Wikipedia). It’s at the top of the WTC:

spire wiki

File this under ‘Very Odd News’

Yahoo! News’ “Odd News” is indeed odd. Extremely odd. Here’s a story about speed dating, but it looks like Steven Spielberg is going around with a triceratops:

pic spielberg

Maybe that’s just a gal wearing a dinosaur-shaped bag on her head. That’s impressive!

John Kerry carries heavy load

When they’re not erroneously claiming that Secretary of State John Kerry was once the governor of Massachusetts (or Massachussetts as they would have it), the folks at Yahoo! News place the entire country of Afghanistan on his shoulders:

latest afghan news

That’s quite a heavy load for a 70-year-old.

John Kerry would be surprised

I’m sure Secretary of State John Kerry would be surprised with this “fact” from Yahoo! News:

governor news

John Kerry was never governor of Massachusetts. He was lieutenant governor, but is  more widely known as a former senator from Massachusetts. It’s just one more example of why you should never trust what you read from Yahoo!’s “journalists.”

What the Redskins didn’t lose

Beware of anything you read on Yahoo! News. If you’re reading this article, you might think that the Washington Redskins lost six patents and some copyright protection:

patents copyright news

That’s simply untrue. The team lost trademarks and therefore, trademark protection. The writer has confused patents, copyrights, and trademarks, treating them as if they were synonymous. They are not.

headline meaningless words

Here’s a headline from Yahoo! News that’s from the Refrigerator Magnetic School of Writing:

kfc lc news

It looks as if someone threw a handful of random words on magnets onto the front of the Frigidaire. Perhaps a Yahoo! staffer could have taken a few minutes and written an actual headline, with an actual meaning, before publishing this mess.

That is so not proper!

Maybe the Shift key on the writer’s keyboard is acting a little shifty. That might explain why these proper nouns on Yahoo! News didn’t get the proper capitalization:

outer banks hurricane news

The Outer Banks is a string of barrier islands off the coast of North Carolina. As for hurricane, when it appears before the name of a hurricane, it gets a capital letter: Hurricane Arthur.


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