The most irresponsible news site on the Web

Anyone looking for accurate news should steer clear of Yahoo! News. The so-called news site has made one of the most irresponsible — and completely inaccurate — claims concerning the case of a shooting of an unarmed 18-year-old African American by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. According to Yahoo!, there is a previously undiscovered video of the victim raising his hands in the air:

ferg news 1

If that were true, it would be critical evidence in a case that has rocked the entire nation.

Long-time readers of Terribly Write know that anything reported by Yahoo! should be considered suspect. The actual article, written by the Associated Press (a more reliable source that Yahoo!’s “journalists”) tells a different story:

ferg news 2

Sanother day, sanother typo

It’s another day and another typo from Yahoo! News:

sanother news

Sometimes I just have to say it

Sometimes I just have to say it: This is idiotic. This is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever read on a supposed news site:

tank in texas

As if I needed more evidence that Yahoo! is outsourcing writing of Yahoo! News to non-English-speaking countries, we have this. The writer obviously thinks a tank is the same thing as a tanker. This is a tank (courtesy of Wikipedia):


The vessel in the Yahoo! News picture is a tanker. It is a ship. It holds oil. It travels in the ocean. It could not disappear in Texas since Texas is not an ocean.

The tanker disappeared off the coast of Texas.

American flighting for ISIL

Apparently an American was flighting (which I think is combat inside a plane) for ISIL, according to the ever-reliable Yahoo! News:

flighting news

Tim Hortons gets something extra

If only there were some way for the Yahoo! News writers to see how to spell Tim Hortons, the Canadian eatery. Like a picture or something. Something, anything that would show them that there’s no apostrophe in the name:

tim hortons news

Do you check your text after it’s published?

Are you a blogger? If so, do you check what you’ve written after it’s been posted? You should because you don’t want to commit the same mistakes that the people at Yahoo! News did:

air strikes news

If they’d looked at this after it was published, they might have noticed the different spellings of the same word and the HTML code for an apostrophe. Oops.

Maybe the photos make sense

Let’s hope that the photos make more sense than this headline on Yahoo! News:

how news

Do waffle shoes have a soul?

Sometimes reading Yahoo! News is like trying to untangle every spaghetti strand in a bowl of pasta. Words seem to be strewn about in a totally random fashion, and if you are able to put them in the correct order you’ll like find a homophonic error:

waffle soul news

I was able to rearrange those three words into “waffle soul shoe,” but I think it should be “waffle sole shoe.” As for the rest of the sentence? I’m totally clueless.

There’s no letup

When it comes to mistaking a noun (like, oh, say, maybe letup) with a phrasal verb (like, let up), there’s no letup on Yahoo! News:

let up news

Readers land arrive at familiar conclusion

Every day readers of Yahoo! News arrive at the same conclusion: This site needs a proofreader!

land arrive news


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