They’re not entitled

If you follow the Associated Press style, you wouldn’t capitalize president here:

president cap news

nor governor there:

governor cap news 2

According to AP and other authorities, titles such as those are capitalized only when they immediately precede a name. If you follow Yahoo! News style, well, you do whatever the heck you want.

More editors, fewer errors

Imagine if Yahoo! News had editors who understood basic grammar and word usage. You might just see fewer errors in headlines:

less arrests news

Use less (and not fewer) for countable items such as errors, mistakes, goofs, and gaffes.

Did Election Day catch you unawares?

November 4 is Election Day in the U.S. Apparently it’s been in the news a lot, but the editors at Yahoo! News seem to have been caught totally by surprise. Maybe if they had time to prepare for the event, they would have discovered that Election Day is a proper noun:

election day news

When violance erupts

Would violence erupt in a legitimate newsroom if this misspelling appeared on a real news site?

violance news

Yahoo! News is responsible for this eruption of violance.

That certainly is a new initiative

The White House has announced a new health care initiative. It’s so new, in fact, that only the crackerjack reporters at Yahoo! News have the scoop:

healthcare news

I don’t care for the mashed-up healthcare (but it seems to be OK with the trendy journalists at Yahoo!), but I didn’t think we needed a new initiative. I thought the old spelling was just fine.

News to confuse

Sometimes the news can be so confusing. Especially if you’re reading Yahoo! News. I’m so befuddled by the possibility of a Nebraska hospital ending up in Liberia. How the heck did that happen?

news 2

We all know people who are so fond of their dog that they feel they’re owned by their pet. Apparently that’s the case with the nurse in Texas who contracted Ebola. Her spaniel owned her, and not the other way ’round:

news 1

Although I’ve been following the story of the nurse’s illness, I had no idea she was the first person infected with Ebola. I thought the outbreak started in Africa, not the U.S. Shows you how much I know.

Second day of errors takes shape

OK, so maybe I wasn’t completely accurate. This is hardly the second day of errors from Yahoo!, but the title of this post does illustrate the correct verb for the subject day — unlike this headline from Yahoo! News:

take shape news

A Nobel Prize winner deserves better

Apparently there’s no way to check the spelling of a Nobel Peace Prize winner’s name. So, the writer for came up with this version of Malala Yousafzai:

fp malala

That’s not the only misspelling at Yahoo!. Here’s another on Yahoo! News:

malala new

Does that look like Jon Stewart to you?

Call me crazy, but I swear that’s a picture of the White House and Jon Stewart — and not Peter Kassig or his parents — on Yahoo! News:

pic jon stewart news

But, this is on a so-called news site, so it can’t be a mistake. A r eal journalism site wouldn’t make a mistake that bad, would it?

It’s either too many words or the wrong word

Sometimes when faced with a headline like this one on Yahoo! News, I can’t tell if there’s an extra word or an incorrect word. But I’m sure of this: It makes no sense.

until october news

What does that headline mean? You pick:

  • Judge won’t make final ruling on Stockton bankruptcy until late October
  • Judge to make final ruling on Stockton bankruptcy in late October
  • Nobody proofreads headlines at Yahoo!.

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