My favorite show: Orange Is New the Black

OMG! Is this the worst mistake ever on Yahoo! TV?

ointb tv

How do you screw up the initials of the TV show “Orange Is the New Black”? LMAO

That makes no sense

I sense a homophonic error on Yahoo! TV. Could it be that the writer really doesn’t know the difference between a sensor and a person who bleeps out sweary words?

sensors tv

Yup.  I swear that’s the most fucked-up (strike-through courtesy of TW censors) mistake I’ve seen today.

Do I repeat myself? Do I repeat myself?

What are the chances that this paragraph was proofread by someone at Yahoo! TV? What are the chances that this paragraph was proofread by someone at Yahoo! TV? What are the chances that this paragraph was proofread by someone at Yahoo! TV?

repeat tv

Perpetrating a crime against the language

Let’s run down what’s wrong with this little sentence on the home page of Yahoo! TV:

rundown tv

First, there’s the noun rundown. It’s a noun, people; it’s not a verb. The verb phrase is two words: run down. (Think about it: If it were a verb, what would its past tense be? Rundowned.)

Then, there’s the use of the verb perpetrated, which means “to commit.” The casualties (meaning “dead people”) were not perpetrated. The crimes, the homicides, or the murders were perpetrated. The casualties were the victims; they were not perpetrated.

Say goodbye to English

Say goodbye to English. When a writer can’t match a subject and verb, it feels like the language is dying. The writer for Yahoo! TV apparently thinks “Rizzoli & Isles” is two people. It’s actually the name of one TV program, so it’s singular and its verb should be singular, too:

say goodbye tv

You’re not the only who hates typos

Hate typos? Hate missing words in headlines? Me, too. That’s why I’m not fond of this headline on Yahoo! TV:

missing one tv

He and his wife’s decision is wrong

Is there anyone in the English-speaking world (besides the writer for Yahoo! TV) who thinks this is correct?

he and his wife tv

I have no explanation for why the writer would think he is correct, unless the writer is a fourth-grade dropout. Anyhoo, the correct phrase would be “his and his wife’s decision,” which is a bit awkward. I’d probably suggest a rewrite: the decision he and his wife made…

Who can forget Dr. Spock?

Heck, now they’re not even trying. This little bit from Yahoo! TV starts out requiring you to supply the actual subject of the first sentence:

spock tv

How about that Dr. Spock?! Didn’t you love him in “Star Trek”? And of course, who can forget William Shatner as Captain Crunch? Or George Takei as Han Sulu?

We don’t need no stinkin’ proofreading

Proofreading? That’s for wussies. The folks at Yahoo! TV don’t believe in it and I have the evidence to prove it:

50 cent tv

Do I repeat myself repeat myself?

Does there seem to be an extra word in the  sentence on Yahoo! News in which I was engrossed in?

in which in news

Aren’t you glad that the actor/comedian/life coach didn’t have foolish words of wisdom?

wise words tv

If he had offered foolish words, I’m sure the Yahoo! Travel would have written: some very foolish words of foolishness.


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