The real freak show

It’s a freakishly obvious typo on the home page of Yahoo! TV:

rea-life tv

I wonder how this got past the editors.

Was that an Alp?

Take a peek at this: Yahoo! TV brought us a sneak peak and I’m wondering if the peak is an Alp or a Himalayan or Andean mountain:

sneak peak tv

Too much of Graham Elliot

How embarrassing for Yahoo! TV. Here on its home page is a little more of Graham Elliot than is necessary:

graham elliott tv

Created by a sometime writer?

Was this written by a sometime writer for Yahoo! TV?

sometimes tv

If Courtney Love is an occasional actress, she’s a sometime thespian. She acts sometimes. The similar words are really different parts of speech: Sometimes is always an adverb; sometime is an adjective or adverb. So, if you’re modifying a noun, use sometime.

Here a things you may have missed

Here’s one thing that the writer/editor/proofreader/whoever missed on Yahoo! TV:

here a things tv

I just don’t see that

I just don’t see how this could make sense to anyone, except maybe the writer for Yahoo! TV:

or only briefly tv

Does this mean we’ll won’t see some characters only briefly? So we’ll see them for a long time? Huh?

Could it be that the poor muddled writer meant:

… there may be more characters we won’t see or we’ll see only briefly

… there may be more characters we’ll see only briefly or not at all

At least you got the color right

Ya’ gotta give props to the Yahoo! TV writer for getting half of this right:

jumper tv 1

In the UK, this is a red jumper:

red jumper uk

In the U.S., this is a red jumper:

red jumper us

And this is what Ed Sheeran, as Little Orphan Annie, wore:

jumper tv 2

That is what is called a red dress.

Face it: You goofed

After reading this on Yahoo! TV you might ask yourself how facing an audience or camera could prevent singer Sia from becoming famous:

face tv

Does she wear a mask? No. Then what’s the explanation? It’s simple: The writer made a mistake. A big mistake. Sia doesn’t face the audience or camera, she turns her back to them.

Shark Week cut short

Is that a euphemism for the urine of a shark on Yahoo! TV?

shark wee tv

Sinch when is that a word?

It’s a cinch to spot the misspelling on Yahoo! TV:

sinch tv

I trust this act of proofreading will cinch my position as the premier spotter of errors on Yahoo!.


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