Legendary misspelling

Whaddaya wanna bet that the writer for Yahoo! TV thinks the word is pronounced LEN-gen-dary?

lengendary tv

What do they have common?

What do these three teasers from Yahoo! have in common. Scroll down to see if you figured it out.

This is from Yahoo! Movies. No doubt the writer was in a hurry to react to the recent passing of Mr. Rooney:

miss word movies

From Yahoo! Celebrity, we find this:

missing word celeb

And Yahoo! TV tries to make this into a sentence:

miss word tv

What do they all have in common? Each sentence is missing a single two-letter word. There’s a lesson here for all writers.

Is it too much to ask that you rein those errors in?

If I could tell the writer for Yahoo! TV, I’d tell him to rein in his errors. I’d probably have to explain that a monarch reigns; the things you use to control a horse are reins:

hom reign tv

I’d take this writer aside and tell him that even one error is too much. This is not too much; in fact, it’s one letter short of too much:

hom to much tv

I can’t take any more anymore, encore

I can’t take this anymore. I can’t take seeing any more mistakes like this. It’s happened before, and it will undoubtedly happen again. This time it’s from Yahoo! TV:

anymore pint tv

If you mean “any longer,” use anymore. If you mean “additional or more,” use any more.

Hanging out with the Bates

The only way this sentence on the home page Yahoo! TV makes sense is if the family’s name is Bate:

bates tv

But it’s not. The family’s surname is Bates. If you hang with them, you hang with the Bateses. (Since Bateses is a little difficult to decipher — even though it is the correct plural — a better solution might be to use “the Bates family.”)

Clases in proofreading would be great

Even the most casual reader of Yahoo! TV could spot this typo:

clases tv

Anyone and everyone who writes or edits for Yahoo! would benefit from classes on proofreading. And grammar. And spelling. And basic English.

Don’t rely on a spell-checker

Spell-checkers are great, but they’re no substitute for a reading by a competent proofreader or editor. Just ask the folks at Yahoo! TV, where this typo would have been OK’ed by any spell-checker:

any for and tv

And so would this on Yahoo! Sports:

whole for while sports

And this from Yahoo! Shopping:

plush of a button shopping

Remember, proofread everything and use a spell-checker. It’s available at the plush of a button!

Feeling a little rundown?

Feeling a little rundown? Then run down to the local drug store for some Vitametavegimin. The folks at Yahoo! TV can run down a list of the nutrients in Lucy’s favorite supplement. Unfortunately, they can’t tell an adjective (like rundown) from a verb (like run down):

rundown tv

Too different, too funny

This is too different from correct, too funny, and not the two it should be on Yahoo! TV:

to different tv

From freedom to slavery

In a show segment called “Real Housewife’s Embarrassing History Gaffe” on Yahoo! TV‘s “Primetime in No Time,” the writer makes an even worse history gaffe than the housewife’s:

freedom to slavery tv

What was he thinking!? Did he have “12 Years a Slave” on the brain? Did he really not know that the Underground Railroad (which he spells two ways — with and without caps) was path from slavery to freedom?


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