Kate Hudson is not Kate Winslet

Allow me to deviate from my normal nitpicking about terrible typos, grammatical gaffes, and monstrous misspellings to point out a writer’s responsibility beyond creating literate prose. Inaccurate writing is also terrible writing.

In this article from Yahoo! Shine, titled “Worst Way to Entertain Your Kids Ever: Introducing the Tot-Tanic,” the writer considers the loss of more than 1500 passengers an “American tragedy” — in spite of the fact the ship was of UK registry with passengers from around the globe.

I’m willing to overlook the writer’s US-centricity and concede that it was a tragedy. But placing actress Kate Hudson in the movie about the sinking of the ocean liner is so tragic an error that I can’t let it pass unnoticed. At least the writer spelled Hudson correctly.


What do you think?

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