Warning: Train wreck ahead

Numerous and egregious spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors can produce a train wreck of text and derail readers. Take this article from Yahoo! Shine, for example:

Could there be more errors? Possibly. My pen ran out of red ink as I was circling the slip-ups. Here are the ones I noted:

  • There’s a hyphen missing from health-conscious state.
  • The plural yogis doesn’t need an apostrophe.
  • Where’s the comma after etc.?
  • There’s a missing hyphen before the misspelled laden. It should be trans-fat-laden.
  • Why capitalize the when referring to the Terminator?
  • The word bucks is redundant after an amount preceded by a dollar sign
  • BBC News needs a few capital letters.
  • The word this doesn’t need a capital letter.

Did you find others that I missed?


2 Responses to “Warning: Train wreck ahead”

  1. Guy Says:

    What IS “the plural of yogis”?

  2. Laura Says:

    oooh. Good point. I’ll make the correction. Thanks for pointing this out and proving even editors need editors!!

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