Ooops. I overlooked Leighton Meister

In my latest blog entry about the innovative spelling that is often featured in Yahoo! Shine’s The Thread, I neglected to include this misspelling of Leighton Meester:

My apologies to Ms. Meester and my readers. My bad.


2 Responses to “Ooops. I overlooked Leighton Meister”

  1. Old Man Says:

    In the paragraph where Ms. Meester’s name is misspelled, one also finds:

    “Leighton’s pink patent leather headband ($198) lead us to super hot headband designer Jennifer Behr.”

    “Lead”? Maybe “leads,” or “led”? This is either a subject-verb agreement problem, or the inability to spell a three-letter word correctly.

  2. Laura Says:

    Old Man,
    You are right as always. Would you care to take over Terribly Write for a few days so I can have a bit of a rest? Obviously I need it.

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