Yikes! What happened to Halloween!?

There’s nothing common about Halloween, but it gets the common-noun treatment on the Yahoo! front page:


They’re creepy and they’re kooky

Mysterious and spooky. They’re altogether ooky. The Addams Family.

Maybe the Yahoo! front page is referring to a different family with an identical theme song:

Tom Cruise, please!

Tom Cruise? I love Tom Cruise! It’s that other guy on the home page of Yahoo! Movies that I can’t stand:

Dividing preteens

Preteens can be a divisive group, but they don’t deserve the hyphenation imposed by Yahoo! Shine:

They’re not going anywhere

Don’t try mailing the custom note cards described by Yahoo! Shine:

They’re stationary and won’t be going anywhere.

Dan Quayle is not alone

The blog of the Yahoo! Newsroom is schooling former vice president Dan Quayle on spelling:

Could a certain Yahoo! editor’s name now be synonymous with a spelling gaffe?

Not a stellar spellar

I’m not going to tell ‘er that she’s a misspeller who disparaged that feller, that friendly Ross Geller: 


Maybe the writer for Yahoo! Shine was thinking of Sarah Michelle Gellar. Or maybe not.

Freddie Krueger he ain’t

But that’s only because his name is misspelled on Yahoo!’s Halloween page:


Waiving all rights, waving a banner

The Yahoo! Sports blog should waive its right to error-free writing with this homophonic mix-up: 


How do you spell?

Poorly, if you ask me. Scratching my head and wondering how you can misspell the name of stroller-maker Maclaren when it’s so easy to google it. But someone on Yahoo! Shine managed to do just that:

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