Checking out

It looks like a punctuation mark has checked out on the Yahoo! front page. Check out today’s missing apostrophe:


When TV doesn’t need another character

On the Yahoo! front page TVs get an unnecessary, incorrect character:


Everyday drink you need every day

And an error that appears nearly every day makes its way to


Chauncey Billups’ buildup

Chauncey Billups gets an L-uva buildup on the Yahoo! front page:


It’s not too early

But it is too late for an error-free posting on Yahoo!’s corporate blog:


What follows a date?

Yahoo! Shine posted a question on November 5, 2008, about the outcome of the election and dropped the apostrophe after the year:


If a date contains a comma (like January 20, 2009), follow it with a comma. If it doesn’t (like January 2009), don’t. Simple.

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