I don’t mean to be caddy

But I’m not carrying anyone’s golf clubs. And I don’t mean to be catty either, but did some writer or editor for Yahoo! Shine actually think this was correct:


Although I’m tagging this error as “Commonly confused words,” this is not an error that most English-speaking writers make. In fact, I’ve never known anyone to confuse caddy with catty. Never.

5 Responses to “I don’t mean to be caddy”

  1. noone Says:

    Tim Wood, who claims to be an editor for certain books, wrote in the b/r blog

    ” We assumed it was some kind of blonde versus brunette caddiness, and then we unearthed THIS photo.

    Really? a writer? an editor? how embarrassing – this was linked from MSNBC. Can’t they at least make sure the articles they link to have been properly spell-checked.

  2. Laura Says:

    Yikes! I don’t understand making this kind of mistake. Just what did the writers think “caddy” meant?

  3. dan13732 Says:

    I’ve heard the phrase, too. I was about to use it in writing, and decided to search for the correct spelling and usage. I think the citation in the OP — and the sense I am planning to use — is that of being a “cad”. That is: “A low-bred, presuming person; a mean, vulgar fellow.” So “caddy” or “caddie” in this sense would mean “vulgar; base”. The meaning is distinct from “catty” (“subtle hostility”), but might be used in the same general situation where someone is “not using polite or socially acceptable speech”.

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