Cullen all editors: Please check the spelling

How hard is it to verify the name of a character from a movie and bestseller? I don’t believe the editor of this summary on Yahoo! Shine bothered to check any authority on the spelling of Edward Cullen’s name:


When a writer or editor is that careless, it’s no surprise that there’s a missing closing quotation mark following the movie title.

Winter’s missing something

The Yahoo! front page overlooked winter’s need for an apostrophe:


Don’t you hate it when you see a mistake on the world’s most-visited Web page?

Taylor Momsen and that other person

Yahoo! Shine seems to have trouble with the correct spelling of celebrity names:


Even I, pop-culture illiterate that I am, spotted the misspelling of Taylor Momsen. But I admit to being totally stumped as to the identify of one Bar Fareilli. I was intrigued enough to google the name, but to no avail. Anyone have any idea who the mystery woman is? Please leave a comment because I’m trying to increase my celeb street cred.

Stripping down strip tease

Yahoo! Shine needs to shape up and strip out the space in striptease:


One thing you didn’t know about Eliot Spitzer

Actually, it’s one thing the writer of this headline from Yahoo! Shine didn’t know:


It’s how to spell the former New York governor’s name.

What’s up with the lack of proofreading?

Is proofreading so difficult or time-consuming that the editors at Yahoo! Shine can’t do it?


When you write about the Bay Area

Make sure to capitalize it.  A Yahoo! Sports blog treats it like a common noun:


The Bay Area—the nine counties around San Francisco—is a proper noun. Other areas in the U.S. are also proper nouns, including the South, the West, the Northeast, and Southern California.

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