Personal abuse

This Yahoo! Personals form to report harassment is abusing the English language:

In addition to the misspelling, there’s the random capitalization of words, the hyphen missing in adult-oriented, and apparently two ways to report “Personals Profile Other” — whatever that means.

One for the ages

Actually, make that two for the age. Yahoo! Movies omitted the hyphens required when an age is used as a substitute for a noun:


I remember reading about hyphenating ages decades ago. I think my memory is holding up pretty well for a 29-year-old.

Enough is enough!

Apparently the editors at Yahoo! Shine think that one enough isn’t nearly enough:


Bronx Mowgli and Rumer control

Neither the word or nor the verb are is correct in this sentence from an article on Yahoo! Shine:


I have seen this unusual and incorrect neither…or construction only one other time in my life. Compounding the error are the verbs are (which should be is) and have (which should be has). When the subject of a verb is joined by or or nor, the verb agrees with the noun or pronoun closer to it.

There’s just no need for quotation marks around a name. Unless, of course, the writer is using them to signal irony, as in “I don’t really mean ‘Rumer.'” That might actually make some sense since Rumer was not a character in “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Demi Moore borrowed the name Scout from the Harper Lee novel.


But removing the quotation marks and correcting the factual error aren’t enough to straighten out that tangled mess. The sentence compares “naming your son…Mowgli” to the name Rumer, when the writer should have compared it to naming a child Rumer (er, I mean Scout).

At least the name of Mr. and Mrs. Beckham’s child is correct here:


But the comma is just out-and-out wrong. And so is song, I think.

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