Rachael Ray undergoes surgery

TV talk show hostess and celeb chef Rachael Ray has had a vowel removed by Yahoo! TV:


I loves me some Chinsese food

So I’ll be trying the Chinsese turkey salad recipe from Yahoo! Food:


So what if you can’t punctuate

You could still get a job as an editor for Yahoo! Shine:


There apparently is no requirement that you appreciate the difference between a declarative statement and a question. Just because a sentence contains the word what, don’t assume it’s a question. So, what if you put a comma after so? Now that would be a question.

Let us give thanks

Let us all be thankful that with the end of the Thanksgiving weekend approaching, we’ll also see the end of the downgrading of this national holiday to a mere common noun. The Yahoo! Messenger blog decaps not only Thanksgiving but also Pilgrim:


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