In what do you believe?

When I read this question on Yahoo! Answers, I was struck by its awkward wording: 


Editors occasionally “touch up” questions that are featured on “Best of Answers.” So I checked the original question to see what was really asked. To my surprise, I discovered that the question actually was correct:


It seems that the editor reworked the question to avoid ending it with a preposition. I can only surmise that the editor holds fast to the myth that you should never, ever, ever end a sentence with a preposition. Is that a ‘rule” you adhere to?


2 Responses to “In what do you believe?”

  1. samstarrett Says:

    This one is so persistent it’s painful. Insisting on this ridiculous mumbo-jumbo is a practice up with which I will not put!

    • Laura Says:

      I thought that every literate person, especially those whose job it is to write and/or edit, knew that the admonition to never end a sentence with a preposition was a myth. Apparently not.

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