The icing on the cake: It’s not meringue!

Some errors I see as I wander around the Web leave me dejected. Others make me wince. And a few actually make me laugh. It’s rare that a single page on the Web can elicit all three responses from me. But a blog post from Yahoo! Shine has accomplished just that.

No sooner had I  begun reading than I encountered this mistreatment of a common idiom:


I winced when I read that, but felt completely dejected when I compared these instructions to the actual ones from Sunset magazine:


You see, the real recipe calls for 10 ounces of butter and baking powder—which is like baking soda, only different.

I winced when I noticed the missing word here:


and the typo and extra word here:


But I nearly spit out my Nescafé when I read about the dancing frosting:


It was the icing on the cake.


One Response to “The icing on the cake: It’s not meringue!”

  1. Professor Plum Says:

    Way more sexy than foxtrot frosting.

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