You’re kidding, right?

This misuse of the contraction you’re on Yahoo! Shine has got to be a careless error — or a joke:


I just don’t believe a professional writer doesn’t know the difference between a possessive pronoun like your and a contraction.


Hear, hear. Not here

Aw-righty, let’s take a look at this sentence from Yahoo! Shine:


Do you object to the use of alright, which is considered “nonstandard”? The excruciatingly correct expression is all right, but in informal writing such as a blog, alright is probably all right. Of course, the writer who uses nonstandard English runs the risk of being considered rebellious or illiterate by some grammar conservatives.

There’s no question that the redundant a a is incorrect and that the word here here should be hear:


Splitting up a potluck

It was just my luck to come across this misspelling on Yahoo! Shine:


That great gastronomic tradition, the potluck, deserves your undivided attention: Don’t make it two words.

Janet Jackson’s hair incident

Was Janet Jackson involved in some sort of incident during a Super Bowl halftime show? I seem to recall something, but I don’t think it had anything to do with a hairstyle, as implied by this snippet from Yahoo! Shine:


Correcting children’s mistakes

You might expect a misplaced apostrophe to be one of many children’s mistakes. But you wouldn’t expect it of an adult. Unless, of course, the adult writes for Yahoo! Shine:


The rule is simple: To form the possessive of a plural noun that doesn’t end in S, add an apostrophe followed by an S.

Figure-skater Sasha Cohen does Borat

According to a Yahoo! Sports blog in this somewhat confused excerpt, figure-skater Sasha Cohen (himself?) isn’t quite as good a Borat impersonator as the “Polish Hammer”:


 Sasha Cohen

Ms. Cohen (left) is a talented athlete, and I wouldn’t expect her to imitate Borat. I also wouldn’t expect her to be as good an imitator as Sacha Baron Cohen (below), who created the character:


I wish I could say the quality of the writing have improved

But that would be incorrect, both grammatically and factually. But that doesn’t stop the writer from using an incorrect verb on Yahoo! Shine:


The blog post continues with a missing word:


and a freakish typo:


If you’ve got questions or comments, please leave them in the Comments box!

Something checked out of ‘Top Model’

The folks over at Yahoo! TV aren’t exactly model proofreaders:


Looks like the C checked out of the word cycle.

Men should be banned

Yes, I agree. Men should be banned. This headline from Yahoo! Shine picked up a word (I think):


The Narcisco Kid

Just kidding. Everyone knows that the designer is Narciso Rodriguez. Everyone except the writer of this photo caption from Yahoo! omg!:


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