Sink your teeth into these errors

This blog entry from Yahoo! Shine contains errors you can really sink your teeth into. Whether your little one, toddler, or preschooler is the subject of a sentence, be sure to use a singular verb, like is battling:


(If the subject is a series of nouns separated by the word or, the verb must agree with the noun closest to it.) When writing about dental hygiene, be sure to mention those pearly whites. Unless there’s only one tooth that you’re brushing.

Some some of my favorite errors include repeating a word:


and using your when you mean you’re:


Of course, proofreading what you’ve written will do your writing good and may help you avoid errors like this:



Back and forth with cheesy errors

Maybe the writer of this blog excerpt from Yahoo! Shine went back and forth trying to decide on the correct expression  and picked the wrong one:


And maybe the writer couldn’t decide if cheesy has two or three E’s and again made the wrong choice:


Oh, Mommy! You deserve that capital letter here:


I don’t think I am on the wrong track by pointing out a typo in the same blog post:


Eek! That’s totally different

Eek! That’s what cartoon characters shriek when they see a mouse. What the writer of this blog on Yahoo! TV meant was eke:


What a drag! RuPaul loses a little something

Not to worry. It’s just his capital P, which Yahoo! TV dragged down:


Tom, Katie, Suri, and an extra dress

I have no clue where that dress came from in this photo caption on Yahoo! omg!:


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