You’re late and you’re wrong

If you’re late with a writing assignment, what do you do? Take the time to proofread it before publishing it to the Web? Nah, not if you write for Yahoo! Shine:



I don’t heart typos

Like this one on Yahoo! Shine:


The funniest menu. Ever!

OMG! Can this photo caption from Yahoo! omg! be any funnier?


Would you care for a little whine with that?

Waa-waa. That’s me whining about this teaser on Yahoo! Shine:


Graton Ridge Cellars is a winery. Apparently the writer was ignorant of that fact and that it’s a proper noun and that it needs a couple of capital letters. I wonder if the writer thought to Google the name to find out what the heck it is before posting this. I guess not. Waa-waa.

Oopsie. Here’s how we do it

Oopsie. Looks like someone over at Yahoo! TV left some code in a photo caption:


Please fix your Shift key

Gosh, I wish the writer of this paragraph from Yahoo! Shine would fix the Shift key on her keyboard:  


Those lowercase I’s give the impression that this was written by a pre-teen more used to texting that typing. The writer gets props for using peek (instead of peak), but loses points for the extraneous word (or maybe it’s a wrong word) and the missing verb are.

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