Monotony of misspelling monogamy

Some people might think that reporting on misspellings is an exciting adventure of stumbling upon one thrilling typo after another. Not so! It can get monotonous and it’s really not a challenge, especially if you read anything on Yahoo! Shine, like this headline:


I must admit, however, I felt a bit of a tingle discovering this new coinage used to describe the boredom in marriage.


Just in case you missed it. Just in case you missed it.

Someone on the Yahoo! front page team wants to be sure you read about this NBA star:


Someone on the Yahoo! front page team wants to be sure you read about this NBA star.

Spelling 101 with chanterelle mushrooms

A writer for a food-related Web site like Yahoo! Food ought to be able to spell chanterelle:


Totally blindsided

If you’re going to spell a word phonetically, be sure you can pronounce it correctly. I was totally blindsided by this obviously mispronounced word on Yahoo! Music:


You can be nearsighted, shortsighted, and farsighted. But blindsighted? I just can’t see that.

When it’s time to find another line of work

How do you know it’s time to consider another profession? When you can’t spell the one you have now, like the editor who wrote this on Yahoo! Shine:


The real victim: The English language

I was reading about Rihanna and the whole “blame the victim” mentality on Yahoo! Shine when I was struck by the real victim in the story: English. Specifically, spelling, though this omission adds to the assault on the language:


Maybe it’s time for a restraining order to stop this writer from using words like syphilis:


and occurrence:


and even victim:


Anyone who can’t spell, use a spell-checker, or refer to a dictionary should not be allowed within 500 feet of a keyboard.

Imagine you’re a writer

Imagine you’re a writer covering New York Fashion Week for a big-name Web site like, oh, Yahoo! Shine. How careful would you be to spell the event’s name correctly? And even more important, to spell the name of the designer whose show you are viewing?


I can’t imagine anything worse than misspelling Kimora Lee Simmons’ name when writing about her runway show. This typo pales in comparison:


But misspelling Patricia Field’s name is a close second in the “sloppy writing” category:


Try to publish something like this hot mess in the same blog and a good editor would pull you aside:


Yes, a good editor would pull you aside and say, “Honey, I know you took all those notes about the music and you think people care, but no one can read this.  Try using some punctuation. Or a list. Or try writing a whole blog post just about the music. But, really, Sweetie, this is just freaking awful.”

A little punctuation here (and one fewer and) would be helpful:


Imagine you’re a writer and produced these errors. Imagine your embarrassment.

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