Wwhat’s up wwith that?

Wwhy’d the wwriter for Yahoo! TV wwaste a wwonderful W on a wword wwhen it wwasn’t necessary?


And wwhat’s up with the dash (actually, it’s a hyphen functioning like a dash) and comma around that phrase? Wwho’d do that?


Reader lets you to read

Good to know. Of course, this helpful tip from My Yahoo! would be better without the extra word:


No defense for this Twinkie mistake

There’s no defending this undercapitalized Twinkie from Yahoo! Movies:


Richard Jenkins’ unstated performance

According to Yahoo! Movies, Mr. Jenkins has been nominated for an Academy Award for his unstated portrayal of a professor, which I take to mean he was in a silent film or his character was mute:


Kapoor spelling

Just in time for the Academy Awards, a misspelled Anil Kapoor is uncovered in a photo caption in Yahoo! Movies:


A clear-cut goof

It’s pretty clear-cut: This summary from Yahoo! Movies needs a hyphen:


Angela Bassett found

I think I found Ms. Bassett in this photo caption on Yahoo! Movies:


She’s the one with the missing T.

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