Come back! But leave the hyphen behind

The hyphen makes the comeback of the year, showing up in words where it’s not needed and not welcome. Thanks to Yahoo! Movies for reminding us that not every comeback is without flaws:



Predicting the real winner

If there were an award for most errors in a single article on the Web, I think “7 Rules for Winning Your Oscar Pool” from Yahoo! Movies would be a contender.

It started with an arbitrarily capitalized ceremony:


continued with the misnamed Screen Actors Guild:


and the incorrect verb and missing word:


The follow-up is a split tossup:


and a screwy capitalization again, misspelled category, questionable punctuation, and misused you’re instead of your:


Whew. I’m starting to get a little winded. I need to catch my breath before noting the wacky use of both and or (use either both…and or either…or, people!) and the rhyming Senn Penn:


Finally, these errors are too good to pass up:


I’ve given up trying to count the errors, but I think we’ve got a winner.

There money had to go

There they go again, mistaking there for their:


This time it’s a Yahoo! Sports blog that makes the substitution.

Where the truth lies

From somewhere out in left field, the Yahoo! front page came up with a story that David Dellucci claimed to have saved his son from an alligator:


According to several news sources, Mr. Dellucci never claimed to have rescued “his boy,” but rather “a boy” from the jaws of the giant reptile. Is anyone willing to rescue this misstatement?

On the edge of your seat

What’s worse than a cliché? A cliché gone wrong, like this one from Yahoo! Movies:


Wrestlin’ with Darren Aronofsky

Looks like someone over at Yahoo! Movies was wrestling with spelling Darren Aronofsky and came up with a technical violation:


The director of “The Wrestler” doesn’t need the dead weight of that extra R.

Reading with a straight face

That deadpan look on my face belies the amusement I get from this caption from Yahoo! TV:


What on Earth?

This error can be spotted light years from Earth:


The writer for the Yahoo! front page has mistaken a clump of earth with the planet Earth.

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